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Aug 6 09 5:41 PM

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The tournament in India is it the Nehru Cup...?
I noticed some teams changed: India, Palestine, Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Kyrgystan and Syria.... There were 8 teams to participate. What is the format ? All teams play each other with one final between the 2 best ?
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Aug 6 09 7:51 PM

Holders India will take on Palestine in the opening match of the 14th Nehru Cup international football tournament at the Ambedkar Stadium here on August 19.

India, who beat Syria 1-0 in the 2007 final, have been placed in Group A along with Lebanon and Palestine, who replaced Thailand after the South East Asian country refused to send their national 'A' team.
Syria, Kyrgyzstan and Sri Lanka made up the Group B. The group matches will be played in a round-robin format and the top two teams will qualify for the semifinals to be played on August 27 and 28.
The final will be played on August 31 while the third place play-off will be played on August 30.

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Aug 9 09 10:58 AM

Palestine seem to be represented by a club from Jerusalem, if that is correct I doubt that Palestine`s matches will be "A" matches.

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Aug 10 09 2:45 PM

Outgoing General Secretary of the AIFF, Mr. Alberto Colaco, stated today that he had received confirmation that the Palestine Football Association was indeed planning to send a club team to represent Palestine in the Nehru Cup 2009.

IndianFootball.Com was the first to provide the surprising news to the AIFF yesterday and as promised by Mr. Colaco, he got back to us regarding the news as soon as he had confirmed it.

In a self-explanatory eMail today to IndianFootball.Com, Mr. Colaco stated: "First of all I would like to thank you for bringing to our notice regarding the participation of a Club team in the name of the Palestine Football Association.

"I forwarded your eMail to the FIFA Agent and to the Palestine FA. They have confirmed that they are sending a club team to represent Palestine."

"I am consulting all concerned parties, including the sponsors, media right holders and the organizing committee members. A decision whether we should accept this team or not will be taken after getting their advice."

The AIFF would be in a tight spot to find a replacement for the Palestinian team if indeed their participation is rejected given that the tournament is scheduled to kick-off from August 19. Earlier, Thailand had been replaced by Palestine because they wanted to send their Under-19 team to Delhi. It is baffling how a nation can send a club team, that too one which was ninth in the league last season, to represent the country in an international tournament. Thankfully, the matter was brought to the notice of the AIFF by IndianFootball.Com before the team actually arrived in India and with the AIFF promising prompt action, an embarrassing situation has probably been averted.

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Aug 10 09 2:48 PM

Yet again, these federation officials are naive to invite teams which are unlikely to collect the best players (like the Malaysia vs "Liberia" case).

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Aug 10 09 7:23 PM

It is a good reaction : a tournament should be played by teams of the same level. In the past there have been to many games (in Asia) were so called national teams were in fact clubs, youth teams, Olympic teams, military teams, B-teams.... It is a nightmare for every football statistician and is not fair toward the public. It is a pity that Palestine cannot play (they have some interesting matches played and planned) but I can only agree with the Indian organisation. The best will be to play a round robin with the best two play the final...

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Aug 12 09 2:39 AM

Maldives just named squad in July for friendlies, but can't arrange matches

why don't they contact with India FA?

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Aug 19 09 5:36 PM


India - Lebanon 0-1

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Aug 29 09 12:05 PM

Strange format: now we have two India-Syria with the first game without any importance... Why put the probable finalists in the last game against each other ?

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Jan 3 12 4:29 PM

pieter wrote:
The 2012 edition is in february.... Are all the teams sending their A-team?

Not completely sure that all 8 teams will play yet.

If they do, I would expect Iran, Qatar and Uzbekistan will not send their A teams, as they have World Cup qualifiers on 29th February and would then have to play 4 or 5 matches in the same month.

Syria, Afghanistan, India, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan should send their A teams. The latter 3 will be preparing for the AFC Challenge Cup.

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