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Dec 3 09 1:52 AM

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Surprisingly, I got a reply from Wallis & Futuna when I asked if there was a current team, because they don't seem to have played since 1995. I also asked if they might want to join OFC in future:

"II ne se passe apparemment plus rien du côté foot à Wallis et Futuna.

L’équipe du service a été un peu renouvelée, nouveau directeur et nouveau professeur de sports.

Peut-être que cette discipline sera relancée ?

Recontactez nous d’ici quelques mois !


Jean Violet"
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Jul 2 14 2:40 PM

Here is a video of the current situation of football on the islands. My French has gotten a bit rusty so I´m afraid I cannot translate it :(

They mention something from "Variétés Club de France". Isn´t that the team where Michel Platini played when they faced St. Pierre and Miquelon in the 90´s!?
I think Patrick Bonfils talks about the team touring the Pacific. They include former football player Jose Toure. I know that he for example already played in that Variétés Club de France team when
they played St Barths.

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Jul 4 14 9:07 AM

Some more details from what I hear:

In Wallis et Futuna football doesn't exist: no clubs, no leagues, no players. In 2005, because of a dispute, the French FA put an end to the football activity in the islands. Football in Wallis et Futuna was brought in 1926, thanks to the French sailor Alain Gerbault. In the past, several French "stars" used to make some tournées in Wallis et Futuna. The most famous was José Touré, Olympic champion in 1984. Now, the football future is quite uncertain: there are hopes for a football revival in Futuna, but in Wallis, it's in a deadlock.

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Jul 5 14 1:31 PM

In the past, they could certainly compete with the minnows (Tuvalu, Tonga, Cook Islands, Samoa, American Samoa), but they were definitely not on the same level as Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, etc. If they come back, I expect they might even lose to the OFC minnows.

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Jul 5 14 8:34 PM

Damn my french is bad these days ;) Thanks for the translation. On the same channel they had also a video which was published only a few weeks prior to this one where they said they plan to again establish the league. But you never know.

I´m also looking for more information about the past national teams of Wallis for years now. But simply isn´t anything a all.

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Jul 12 15 7:10 AM

Championship on the island of Futuna:

Third place game:
Vele beats Fiua

Ono - Leava 8:0

Squads as far as known.

Marie France Pagatele
Petelo Sanele Masei
Fenua Nau
Erick Alofi
Pagatele Kana
Tuale Nau
Soane Masei
Sefo Leleivai
Bosco Vaitanaki Masei
Tiele Tufele
Black's Masei

Suliano Maituku

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