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Jan 29 15 10:02 AM

nfm24 wrote:
Luca wrote:
If there was an election for "Miss All-Time", my top-5 would be:
You have Sophia Loren only #5 ?  Traitor!

C'mon, a fifth place ahead of competitors such as Cleopatra, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Claudia Schiffer is not a bad result...  icon_smile.gif

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Jan 30 15 3:32 AM

nfm24 wrote:
What PG is describing sounds like one of those "hot or not" apps, where people make an instant judgment based solely on physical characteristics (and sexual possibilities).  I don't think you need a pageant for that, the internet has enough of it already.

While I am in favour of your call for more diversity in the contest, I wouldn't restrict that to just physical characteristics.

On Mark's point, "Miss Relationship" could be a new contest, but I fear it would not be inherently televisable in the same way.

wrote:It would not be fair to have homosexual men judging, because that will not tell us what straight men find attractive.

OK but neither will any given set of judges, as people have vastly different preferences.  You only could get some sort of representative average, but we already know what that is - in your terms, it's the "barbie doll" default.

Anyhow, even if the contest was based only on simple physical characteristics, it should not be only heterosexual men who determine the winner.  Anybody can vote, and (possibly) anybody can become a judge.  

Actually, how about opening the contest itself up to both genders simultaneously?

wrote:This is a common problem with runway models, you can clearly see a lot of them are chosen by gay men.

It's not a problem.  Modelling clothes, and turning you on, are two different things that shouldn't be conflated.

Roon Ba
wrote:gives legitimacy to the continued existence of those who seek experience with many women of different ethnicities just for the sake of it

As opposed to those who do it for a genuine altruistic cause. 

It's not like one of those apps at all, because those are extremely ethnically bias. You are assuming that it would still be the barbie doll default done this way, but I am not so sure.

Yes, I still say it is a problem. Because these types of clothes for females have a main purpose, to generate attraction. Gay men are the only types that shouldn't be doing this. Straight men, bi mean, and lesbians should. 

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Jan 30 15 3:34 AM

TheRoonBa wrote:

I consider myself a fine judge of women despite approaching 40 and being relatively inexperienced (in terms of number of women, not in terms of years being with women). I challenge your injudicious parameters.

Also, I think they should ban Miss World, as it encourages the objectification of women and gives legitimacy to the continued existence of those who seek experience with many women of different ethnicities just for the sake of it. In my opinion, an experienced man (or woman) is basically a failure at relationships.

Boo! Down with this topic!

Objectify women? We are sexual  beings, we view each other like that  by nature. I am not saying there isn't more to us, but it's a big part of our existance. There can be similar pageants with men too, I don't care. I'm just talking about this particular subject and how terrible the judging of women's beauty is. And what is wrong with someone who wants to go out and experience different ethnicities of women just for the heck of it? I see nothing morally wrong with it, it is just another hobby as any other.

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