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Jan 1 10 6:27 AM

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I'm in the process of compiling a list of women's international matches. I intend to have the most complete database for women's matches available anywhere, but I will of course need some help with certain countries. If anybody has an interest in women's football, or can help for one particular country, please let me know. I have at the moment completed as far as I can for 1965-1993. I am collecting the following information:

Venue (city, country)
Type of match

I think that it is in some ways harder to find women's matches (not often reported in newspapers) but at the same time, it is easier because women's international football only stretches back to around 1965 (instead of 1872 for men's).
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Jan 2 10 12:04 PM

You are probably aware of this, but here is a list of all the games played by the Czech Republic. Venue and attendances are usually listed...

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Jan 4 10 5:49 AM

Yes, I was looking at that page today. There is also this one:

I have a question about the February 2005 tournament in Dubai.

I have all the results for the tournament, but I am not sure about the teams that played.

Czech Republic definitely used their A team.

Romania - I think they used their A team.

United Arab Emirates does not have a women's national team. I think they used a selection of players from the Gulf region, or maybe it was Dubai Ladies Soccer Club?

Russia - the A team were in China playing a tournament. They played their last match on 1st February, and the Dubai tournament started on 2nd February. I don't think the A team played in Dubai. A club team maybe?

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