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May 29 15 9:02 PM

nfm24 wrote:
I still don't know where Piet got the Afghan-India result. 

Probably from
And because (according to your file) :
on 23 August  Iran - (British) India  was played
on 24 August   Afghanistan - Iran was played,
I would say that
Afghanistan - (British) Iran 1-3 could have been played on 25 August 1941. 

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May 30 15 1:57 PM

I have not seen any evidence of the 1-3 match at all, except that Piet wrote it. Obviously I don't doubt Piet for no reason, just that the sources I could access didn't report any such game at all.
I am still skeptical of the other info on this event anyway. You can see in the new version that the score is disputed, and also the squad of Iran players is disputed, even amongst Persian sources themselves.

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#23 [url]

Jun 8 15 8:27 PM

Having consulted another newspaper (from what is now Pakistan), another revision of the 1941 tournament is on its way to RSSSF.

The results:

23-Aug-1941                     Iran 1-0 India XI
24-Aug-1941              Afghanistan 1-0 Iran                   [or 0-0] *
24-Aug-1941 Istiqlal College (Kabul) 1-0 Union Club (Peshawar)  **
  -Aug-1941              Afghanistan 1-3 India XI               ***

  * This match was also reported as a 0-0 draw.  Some Iranian sources suggest      that Afghanistan scored a penalty in the last minute, which was protested by Iran.     It may be that the match was declared a draw in the interests of diplomacy.
 ** Home team also reported as Harbia Club (Kabul).   *** Mentioned by only one source (a retrospective).
The two scores on 24th August were mentioned in the "Lahore Civil and Military Gazette" in two reports.
The second report gave a summary of all sports in the festival, listing only those two matches for football.
The Iran 1-0 India XI match seems to be mentioned only in Iranian sources.
The only source found which mentioned the Afghanistan 1-3 India XI match was this:  Afghanistan national football team (by Karim Popal), but as it is a retrospective, the year could be wrong. Oh well.

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