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Apr 18 10 7:51 PM

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Austria vs Yugoslavia on May 6th 1928. Unofficial match for Yugoslavia.. was it a B team?
On the same day Austria played away to Hungary. Hugo Meisl is quoted as the manager for both Austrian team, but I assume he couldn't have been at both locations?

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Apr 20 10 4:39 PM

So it's not conclusive, but most probably he went to the game vs Hungary. That was the real A team, and he named the players for that match. But the article doesn't confirm if he was actually at the match.

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Oct 6 10 4:51 PM

Any reason why the matches 1984-06-07 (Liechtenstein), 1987-02-07 (Tunisia) and 1988-02-02 (Morocco) aren't official?
The lineups seem fine and even if one or two players were missing. I get the feeling Austria often excluded matches against CAF and AFC teams.

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Oct 6 10 9:32 PM

Liechtenstein - they can make the usual excuse about not being UEFA members or something. Basically they wanted a practice game, not a proper game. Also the Austrian player Drabits started the match, was substituted out, then substituted back in again. Which doesn't happen in an official match.

The other two, probably related to the time of year, winter break etc. Though the Morocco case is particularly bad, because they match vs Switzerland (in the same competition) is official for Austria.
There may be a reason in these cases, but not a good one.

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Oct 6 10 10:31 PM

None of the matches are FIFA official. However, Morocco's match vs Austria is the only non-official match from Tournoi de France which is odd..

Liechtenstein were FIFA members at least.. Seems as the Swiss now recognise their match in 1982 as official so the Austrians certainly could too.

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Dec 28 13 11:48 AM

Here one can read about the match Bohemia 3-1 Niederösterreich Verbandsauswahl played on 16-09-1917. Niederösterreich is a region of which Vienna is part of. An interesting remark: Das Spiel hatte des Status eines Länderspieles, zählte aber nicht als solches, da Böhmen noch zur Monarchie gehörte. In English: This match had an international match status but did not count as such as Bohemia still was a part of the Monarchy. So was Hungary.

On 01-04-1917 a match Niederösterreich Verbandsauswahl 2-2 Bohemia was played.

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Dec 29 13 3:12 PM

Interesting footnotes saying (1-4-1917), match was Lower Austria Association vs the new German-Czech Association.
and (16-9-17) "Because of ongoing conflict between the German and Czech Bohemian Associations, the team consisted exclusively of Czech players."

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Mar 25 14 8:10 PM

Basle, 12-04-1961 Switzerland 0-5 Austria 20. Hof 0-1, 27. Senekowitsch 0-2, 32. Senekowitsch 0-3, 35. Hof 0-4, 57. Oslansky 0-5. Referee: Kandelbinder (Germany). Attendance: 30.000.

Switzerland: Elsener (46. Schneider) – Wüthrich, Schneiter – Grobety, Meier, Weber (46. Tachella) – Ballamann, Vonlanthen (46. Brizzi), Hügi II, Alleman, Mauron (46. Pottier).
Austria: Schmied (46. Fraydl) – Trubrig, Stotz, Strobl – Oslansky, Koller – Nemec, Hof, Buzek (46. Hirnschrodt), Senekowitsch (46. Rafreider), Skerlan.

From: Arbeiter Zeitung, 13-04-1961, Swiss details: here

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Mar 25 14 10:40 PM

Brno, 07-04-1965, Czechoslovakia 2-1 Austria. 28. Pospichal 1-0, 35. Hirnsroth 1-1, 80. Geleta 2-1.Referee: Galba (Czechoslovakia), attendance: 20.000.

Czechoslovakia: Schrojf - Lala, Pluskal, Weiss, Novak - Kvasnak, Geleta - Pospichal, Mraz, Masny, Valosek.
Austria: Fraydl - Halla, Glechner, Koller, Viehböck - Binder (46. Gager), Sturmberger - Hirnsrodt, Buzek (46. Wolny), Seitl, Nemec.

From Arbeiter Zeitung 08-04-1965

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