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Jan 20 14 6:12 PM

SDb wrote:
Also there are a lot of spelling misstakes all over the article (like every other word) so the names are not spelled correctly either.
These were deliberate mistakes because they predicted that 60 years in the future, people would uncover the newspapers to try and re-label the matches, so they deliberately spelled badly to make it harder for automatic translators smiley: roll

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#83 [url]

Jan 21 14 10:40 PM

I try to find the line ups of the unofficial Sweden 7-1 Poland match played on 20-05-1924 but there is no Przeglad Sportowy of this period available. Is there someone who have the line up of both teams? 

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#85 [url]

Jan 22 14 7:09 AM

These Swedish papers unfortunately don't show anything. Only here  a very brief report Poland lost 7-1 to Sweden (Team B), but if you click you don't get the page immediately. Click on the picture of the paper and go to page 12.

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#87 [url]

Jan 22 14 10:44 AM

Just received following reaction from Swedish FA

Sweden “B”–Poland 7–1 (4–0)
May 20 1924, Olympic Stadium in Stockholm

Robert Zander – Konrad Hirsch (Edvin Holm 46), Sten Mellgren – Sven Lindqvist, Gustaf Carlson, Karl Gustafsson – Charles Brommesson, Thorsten Svensson, Per Kaufeldt, Tore Keller, Rudolf ”Putte” Kock.

Goals (min's not known):
1–0 Keller
2–0 Keller
3–0 Brommesson
4–0 Svensson
4–1 Mieczyslaw Bacz
5–1 Lundqvist
6–1 Kaufeldt, penalty
7–1 Kaufeldt

Attendance: 8.000
Ref: Thure Håkansson (Stockholm).

Note: Holm broke his leg in the 90th minute.

Zander, Hirsch, Svensson and Kock also played in the match two days before. Other players already have played A-internationals before except Keller who made his debut nine days after this match. Most of these players were regular A-national team players. I would count this match as A-international too.

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#88 [url]

Jan 22 14 10:56 AM

Rudolf "Putte" Kock, as a trainer, assisted coach George Raynor in the greatest triumph ever reached by Sweden: the Olympic success in 1948. 

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#89 [url]

Jan 22 14 9:01 PM

It's a common case of teams playing two matches and one not being official as agreed ahead of the match. I see no reason why this agreenent should not be honored. This Swedish lineup wasn't really the best. Today this match would've been recognised by SvFF but it wasn't the case then and I know they're firm in not wanting to change past records. - football internationals

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#90 [url]

Jan 22 14 9:17 PM

Yes it is fair enough to arrange matches as A and B, as long as there is no flagrant abuse of the labels.
For me this game is clearly Sweden B vs Poland A.

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#92 [url]

Feb 9 14 10:39 PM

trekky76 wrote:

No such matches were reported in Dziennik Polski at that time.

In order to open documents of Dziennik Polski I get this message: "To browse publication in DjVu format using DjVu applet you must install Sun's Java Virtual Machine. You can download it from SUN Microsystems" It is completely abacadabra to me how to do this. For Przeglad Sportowy I also need DjVu which I have and I can open the documents, but dor Dziennik Polski it does not work.

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#94 [url]

Feb 26 14 6:45 PM

Get the DJVU plugin from

Then use an URL like to access the Dziennik Polski issues directly, bypassing the awful Java interface.

xxxxx is the library's identifier number seen in URL strings. If you need to download an issue, use with the same number. This will take a while since the archive needs to be assembled server-side before the download starts.

By the way, all the missing Przegląd Sportowy issues are at

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#95 [url]

Jul 21 16 8:48 PM

DJVU plugin dosn't work in Google Chrome becasue they aren't support this enymore. Try Opera or something other web browser.

About this unofficial game

20.05.1924 19:00 Olympic Stadium Stokholm
Sweden - Poland 7:1 (4:0)
Goal for Poland: Mieczysław Batsch (25 min.)
Poland squad (with correct names): Emil Görlitz - Wawrzyniec Cyl, Stefan Fryc, Zdzisław Styczeń, Władysław Krupa, Marian Spoida, Wacław Kuchar, Mieczysław Batsch, Józef Kałuża, Wawrzyniec Staliński, Juliusz Müller (Miller after 1949 - captain).

Curiosity: After this game both Poland and Sweden go to Berlin with the same train. After that Poland arrived to Paris and was beaten by Hungary 0:5 in the Olympic Tournament...

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#98 [url]

Jul 22 16 5:10 PM

OK, I was momentarily confused! I fixed it in your first post.

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