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Sep 14 15 12:52 AM

I removed the 8.9 Zambia v Gabon match as an A match. Gabon did not send their A team due to flight problems, and sent a hastily assembled local-based team instead (they still managed to get a 1-1 draw and then beat Rwanda 1-0 on 12.9). Rwanda was also preparing for the 2016 CHAN tournament, so Rwanda v Gabon was really a CHAN v CHAN friendly.

Gabon lineup for Zambia:
StéphaneBitséki (C)-Edmond Mouélé, Barel Ngandjouma, Wilfrid Ebane Abessolo, Cyril Avebe-Tchen Kabi, Knox Younga, David Massamba-Romuald Ntsitsigui, Axel Meye (74e Rick Mba Allogho), Romaric Rogombé (85e Franck Obambou).

Gabon lineup for Sudan:

Not a single player was in both teams.

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#43 [url]

Sep 15 15 10:49 AM

No player was in both teams simply because they are two completely separate teams. How about considering "Gabon" and "Gabon CHAN" as separate teams in the records and rankings etc. Like IFFHS did with "England" and "England Amateur".

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#44 [url]

Sep 15 15 5:22 PM

That suits me fine - but the matches were classed as Tier 1 matches by FIFA beforehand (due to the forms handed in having "Tier 1" written on them), and it seems they can't change them afterwards. In any case, Gabon possibly got better results with their CHAN team than they would have with their A team.

For me, dividing matches into Tier 1 and Tier 2 is a good solution - the only problem is that some countries (those that bother to keep track of these things) treat 'CHAN' friendly matches as Tier 2 matches and some treat them as Tier 1 matches (thus countable by FIFA in the official records). So, there is no consistency (nothing new there).

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#46 [url]

Sep 16 15 8:41 AM

When I googled for FIFA Tier 1 I found this. To me it appears to be suitable into the favourite Toon Hermans (1916-2000) who was a brilliant conferencier)) terms: why doing things the easy way if you can do it the difficult way. It seems to me any match can be a Tier 1 by filling in the Tier 1 application form.

The Tier 1, 2 and 3 thing won't make this discussion easier.

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#47 [url]

Sep 16 15 10:42 AM

Every few years, some new uninitiated clown takes charge of these matters at FIFA and tries to "solve" the existing mess (caused by bad protocol) by inventing a new bad protocol to replace the old bad protocol. Even if the new protocol is better in any way, the general confusion caused by the continual changes undermines any potential improvements, and the mess gets worse.

Somehow this reminds me of a Christmas letter to Santa:
Please may I have a new old jumper. My old jumper is old.

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#48 [url]

Sep 16 15 10:46 AM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
It seems to me any match can be a Tier 1 by filling in the Tier 1 application form.
... The head of delegation shall be a natural person ...

This is unfair discrimination against cyborgs, or indeed anybody with an artificial hip or implant of some kind.

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#50 [url]

Sep 17 15 2:33 PM

I have given up trying to talk logically about this subject. It's impossible to get anything changed, as there is always a thick layer of bureaucracy. It reminds me a bit of that game where you pull out straws and try to avoid making the whole structure collapse.

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Sep 17 15 4:41 PM

i think it's more like trying to shape a pile of rubble into a structure of some kind. At best a sort of dry-stone wall is possible, before a slight breeze restores the entropy.

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#52 [url]

Sep 21 15 9:17 PM

In biological terms, it's like pissing in the sea. Some small crustaceans and fish may sense a slight change in the water they are swimming through, but at the end of the day, they just get on with what they were doing before, and the sea washes away any trace that anything happened.

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#55 [url]

Jun 25 16 6:06 PM

I've removed the Angola matches from the COSAFA Cup. Angola used their U-20 team (like they did in 2013). Their results were pretty bad this time (0-3 to Malawi, 0-2 to Lesotho and 0-2 to Mauritius).

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May 27 17 11:55 PM

I'm not counting Mexico-Croatia as an A match. Croatia's team against Mexico is almost completely different from their team selected to play Iceland in WCQ, with 10 players having 0 caps. Only 4 players are in the squad for both matches. The highest-capped player for the Mexico match has only 9 caps, 2 players have 7 caps, and 3 have 2 caps. All the rest are uncapped. This is clearly a Croatia 'B' team, similar to the team that played in the China Cup in January.

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#57 [url]

May 28 17 12:40 PM

On the other hand, this match is very clumsy arranged. The ones who are playing in the Serie A have to play with their clubs, the Juventus ones have to play a CL-final next Saturday as well. The Barcelona guys had to play a Spanish Cup final, the Real Madrid ones a CL-final next Saturday. So Croatia was not available to field its stringest team. Same kind of situation as Germany vs Poland friendly, just before the 2014 World Cup.


Danijel Subašić 27 October 1984 (age 32) 29 0 France Monaco

GK Lovre Kalinić 3 April 1990 (age 27) 8 0 Belgium Gent

GK Dominik Livaković 9 January 1995 (age 22) 1 0 Croatia Dinamo Zagreb

DF Domagoj Vida 29 April 1989 (age 28) 48 1 Ukraine Dynamo Kyiv

DF Dejan Lovren 5 July 1989 (age 27) 31 2 England Liverpool

DF Josip Pivarić 30 January 1989 (age 28) 13 0 Croatia Dinamo Zagreb

DF Tin Jedvaj 28 November 1995 (age 21) 8 0 Germany Bayer Leverkusen

DF Matej Mitrović 10 November 1993 (age 23) 6 1 Turkey Beşiktaş

DF Marko Lešković 27 April 1991 (age 26) 4 0 Croatia Dinamo Zagreb

MF Luka Modrić 9 September 1985 (age 31) 96 11 Spain Real Madrid

MF Ivan Rakitić 10 March 1988 (age 29) 83 13 Spain Barcelona

MF Ivan Perišić 2 February 1989 (age 28) 56 16 Italy Internazionale

MF Mateo Kovačić 6 May 1994 (age 23) 34 1 Spain Real Madrid

MF Milan Badelj 25 February 1989 (age 28) 31 1 Italy Fiorentina

MF Marcelo Brozović 16 November 1992 (age 24) 26 6 Italy Internazionale

MF Marko Rog 19 July 1995 (age 21) 9 0 Italy Napoli

MF Franko Andrijašević 22 June 1991 (age 25) 3 1 Croatia Rijeka

MF Filip Bradarić 11 January 1992 (age 25) 2 0 Croatia Rijeka

MF Mario Pašalić 9 February 1995 (age 22) 2 0 Italy Milan

FW Mario Mandžukić 21 May 1986 (age 31) 75 29 Italy Juventus

FW Nikola Kalinić 5 January 1988 (age 29) 35 14 Italy Fiorentina

FW Duje Čop 1 February 1990 (age 27) 10 2 Spain Sporting Gijón

FW Ivan Santini 21 May 1989 (age 28) 1 0 France Caen

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#59 [url]

May 28 17 4:58 PM

Mexico just do that sort of thing to annoy you.

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