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#61 [url]

Oct 24 12 4:16 PM

Trying to find a stream for it but not holding out much hope.

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#64 [url]

Oct 24 12 5:48 PM

TheRoonBa wrote:
Draw will be live on BBC African Football website at 1830 BST (1930 CET).

No it's 20.30 CET.
Might as well be 21.30 CET.. still not started

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#65 [url]

Oct 24 12 9:11 PM

Group A: South Africa, Cape Verde, Morocco, Angola

Group B: Ghana, DR Congo, Niger, Mali

Group C: Zambia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Burkina Faso

Group D: Ivory Coast, Togo, Tunisia, Algeria

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#69 [url]

Jan 20 13 3:06 PM

For TV purposes, the selling point of the African Cup seems to be that it should be in some way more exciting or exotic than European football... this is still true occasionally, but not enough to justify the advertising.

Similarly, whenever British TV shows a Brazil international match, they advertise it on the basis of attacking flair and stylish Brazilian "samba football", which has not been seen in reality for more than 25 years.

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#70 [url]

Jan 20 13 3:55 PM

Way too many players from European leagues. That is why afcon nowdays is something of a bore. At least the smaller teams provide some exotic flavour and I was pleasantly surprised with Zambia last year so let's not lose the hope yet.

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#71 [url]

Jan 20 13 5:31 PM

Ghana-Congo was OK, lot of emotions, goals and fair play.....I think group A is really weak, Morocco and S.Africa have been much better in the past, now they are just middle class...

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Posts: 5,526 Site Admin

#72 [url]

Jan 20 13 6:17 PM

pieter wrote:
Ghana-Congo was OK, lot of emotions, goals and fair play.....I think group A is really weak, Morocco and S.Africa have been much better in the past, now they are just middle class...

I think rather than Morocco and South Africa being weak, the other teams have simply started to catch up because they have more players playing in Europe than they did in the past. South Africa and Morocco had this in the 1990s and 2000s, and so had an advantage.

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#73 [url]

Jan 20 13 7:00 PM

Also the teams in general are better organized tactically, and so the matches become more boring as a result. Although hilarious bad goalkeeping is still commonplace.
So far the quality has been poor, except Ghana vs Congo which was a good match.

South Africa vs Cape Verde was probably the lowest quality play I've seen in an international match for a long time.

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#75 [url]

Jan 20 13 8:47 PM

Even if every game is a tedious 0-0, they don't have anything better to broadcast on ITV4 (or indeed, ITV1, ITV2, or ITV3). Yesterday was the first time I have watched anything on ITV4 since last year's tournament.

The only thing more boring than the South Africa vs Cape Verde match was the bland "analysis" of Quinton Fortune and Efan Ekoku, who display exactly the same lack of enthusiasm and interest that I have when I am obliged to sit through Coronation Street at my Gran's house.

ITV are showing one game on every group-day, and all the knockout games.
The choice of which group game to show each day has been made purely on the basis of the kickoff time (with the exception of the opening match of course).

This decision is obviously based on the premise that more people will watch in the evenings, but consequently we will only see Ivory Coast, Ghana, Zambia, and Angola play live *at most* once during the group stage, possibly not at all. The first two of these are arguably the two best teams in the tournament, and Zambia are the holders, so to miss their games is an unfortunate outcome. Keen people will always find a way to watch of course, but the casual viewer is less likely to choose to watch Burkina Faso vs Ethiopia than Ivory Coast vs anybody.

Maybe delayed transmission to a more convential start time of 7.30pm or so would have been better for the viewers, but as 40% of the adverts are for "in play" gambling websites, that wouldn't necessarily make commercial sense.

ITV would suggest that the tournament schedulers are at fault for putting these "big teams" early in the day. I don't see why they don't just show all the games.

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#77 [url]

Jan 21 13 4:52 PM

I know, but trying to make Eurosport's online player work takes longer than the match itself. Last week I tried 4 different computers with no success.

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#80 [url]

Jan 27 13 10:42 AM

Did anyone else watch Algeria vs Togo ? The referee added on far too much time after the delay. The goalpost broke at 86' and the delay lasted 15 mins until it was replace. But upon the restart, play continued for almost 19 minutes until the final whistle... The match lasted almost 105 minutes (not including the delay itself)... didn't anyone else notice this?
This seems to gave been ignored by all media coverage and official reports etc. Imagine if Algeria had equalised in the 100th minute of the match!?

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