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Oct 4 10 6:51 PM

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ZURICH (AP)—FIFA suspended the Nigerian Football Federation for government interference on Monday, almost certainly preventing the country from taking part in qualifying for the African Cup of Nations this weekend.

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Oct 8 10 4:07 PM

Fifa lifts Nigeria's suspension

The Nigerian Football Federation was banned on Monday for various reasons, including political interference.

This threw Sunday's Nations Cup qualifier in Conakry into doubt but the game will now take place.

"The game will go ahead because the suspension on Nigeria has been provisionally lifted," Caf Media Director Suleiman Habuba told the BBC.

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Jul 10 14 9:30 PM

Precedents suggest FIFA will not un-suspend Nigeria until the NFF is undissolved again. FIFA is very much against government/external interference, for obvious reasons.

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Jul 18 14 12:36 PM

I wonder though how long this ban will last? Am I right in thinking that most FA's/teams suspended by FIFA tend to play games again quite quickly.

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Jul 18 14 5:09 PM

Aki13 wrote:
I wonder though how long this ban will last? Am I right in thinking that most FA's/teams suspended by FIFA tend to play games again quite quickly.
How about until a few hours ago smiley: wink ( It seems like it usually gets turned over quite quickly, although Brunei was one of the more recent cases of suspension, and that lasted around 2 and a half years...


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Jul 18 14 7:16 PM

Yes these situations often unfold as follows:

1. Government : "Our football association seems to be corrupt, let's do something about it"
2. FA: "How dare you try to stop us being corrupt. We're going to tell FIFA on you"
3. FIFA : "The country is now suspended from all international competitions"
4. Government : "Oh. [after a few days] Hey, maybe that will make us unpopular. Quick, press Ctrl-Z"
[wait 2 years then return to step 1]

Brunei was somewhat anomalous in the sense that they weren't too bothered about not being involved in any competitions.

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Jul 19 14 11:39 AM

How dare you bring the nation of Nigeria into your stereotypes. They waited 4 years before going back to step 1 smiley: wink. Although I think last time their ban was down to the president's ego more than anything else... the team were temporarily suspended as punishment for being temporarily suspended.

And going even further than Brunei, the record for FIFA-suspension/exile probably belongs to South Africa, for very obvious reasons.

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Jul 20 14 10:27 AM

nfm24 wrote:
Hmm, that record may belong to the Baltic states.
Hmm, right you are smiley: embarassed, that case passed my mind, does the fact that they were 'part' of a FIFA nation in those years give me a sufficient excuse? 

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Jan 12 17 10:51 AM

I continue my "celebrations" of the most important events in the history of the various National teams through my personal archive.
This is an extremely rare and interesting color poster about the 1980 Africa Cup of Nations, when Nigeria conquered their first continental crown.
For the first time, the Trophy of African Unity was awarded to the winners. The last team to receive it was Cameroon in 2000.


Source: SCOOP magazine

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