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Dec 7 10 5:52 PM

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Norway vs Guadeloupe (1986-03-05)

Ola By Rise
Kai Lagesen
Vegard Skogheim (-80')
Trond Sollied
Per Egil Ahlsen
Rune Bratseth
Kjetil Osvold
Egil Fjetland (-68')
Jan Åge Fjørtoft (-83')
Arne Møller
Gøran Sørloth (15', 21'), (-89')
Sverre Brandhaug (+68')
Åge Hareide (+80')
Arne Økland (+83')
Tom Sundby (+89')

Guadeloupe also scored one.

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Dec 7 10 6:21 PM

1986-03-01 vs St Lucia

Einar Rossbach
Vegard Skogheim
Trond Sollied (50'), (-61')
Åge Hareide
Kjetil Osvold (-64')
Sverre Brandhaug (33', 77', 87')
Arne Økland
Kai Lagesen
Arne Møller
Egil Fjetland (52', 59')
Gøran Sørloth (-59')
Jan Åge Fjørtoft (+59')
Rune Bratseth (+61')
Per Egil Ahlsen (+64')

St Lucia wasn't FIFA affiliated at the time.

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Dec 7 10 6:27 PM

1986-03-06 vs Martinique

Ola By Rise
Trond Sollied
Åge Hareide
Per Egil Ahlsen (-62')
Rune Bratseth (-83')
Kjetil Osvold
Sverre Brandhaug
Arne Økland
Tom Sundby
Arne Møller
Gøran Sørloth (42'), (-76')
Vegard Skogheim (+62')
Egil Fjetland (+76')
Kai Lagesen (+83')

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Dec 7 10 7:10 PM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
What were the results of the three matches you metioned?

Martinique 1-0
Guadeloupe 2-1
St Lucia 6-0

Goals in brackets. Norway also played Grenada (2-1) and it's the only full A match.

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#5 [url]

Aug 28 11 1:26 PM

I wonder if there was any other game, between 01/03/86 vs St Lucia and 05/03/86 vs Guadeloupe.

I don't think it's fair to declare a game as unofficial only because the opposition is not a FIFA team. OK, Guadeloupe and Martinique are not fully independent, but St Lucia was an independent country since 1979.

If Norway is happy to count official matches vs the British teams in the years when they withdrew from FIFA, then it is inconsistent not to include a match like this vs St Lucia.

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#8 [url]

Jun 19 13 6:51 AM

I found that Guadeloupe was 4/3/86 and Martinique 5/3/86. But please check my translation.

Aftenposten Wed 5.3.86:
"fotballandslag natt til onsdag norsk til slo Guadeloupe 2-1" (based on phone call from coach Fossen).
i.e. the match was on the "night before Wednesday", so Tuesday 4th March in Guadeloupe.

Aftenposten Thur 6.3.86:
"Norge vant 1-0 over Martinique. Det norske fotball-landslaget vant sin fjerde seler av fire mulige på sitt
karibiske tokt, da Martinique ble slått 1-0 natt til torsdag norsk tid."

i.e. the match was on the "night before Thursday" Norwegian time. Martinique is 6 hrs behind Norway, so
this means the match was Wednesday 5th March in Martinique.

Match details (at least the Norwegian side) are in Aftenposten too.

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#9 [url]

Jun 19 13 10:20 AM

Maybe the dates were changed during the tour. After the St Lucia match Aftenposten states the dates for remaining matches and Guadeloupe is 3rd March. In any case they would never plan two matches in two days suggesting a delay of some sort. - football internationals

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#10 [url]

Jun 19 13 5:26 PM

I saw that too. Presumably there was a delay of some kind in transition to Guadeloupe. Or maybe Aftenposten is confused with time zones.

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