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Feb 5 14 9:10 PM

But equally, at the moment East Asian teams (with Australia) are stronger than the West Asian. Seems to be this way for a while, any hope of it changing?

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#26 [url]

Apr 21 14 3:16 PM

They have a more interesting system though; top 12 will qualify directly (as part of World Cup qualifiers) and the remaining top 12 (or 11?) will qualify through the usual AFC qualifiers. I assume this stage will mostly involve AFF and SAFF. Finally all AFC members will participate in regular qualifiers again! - football internationals

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Apr 21 14 4:24 PM

I agree it is a good thing to see all teams play real AC qualifiers, but they do not increase the number and I do not like the idea that WC and AC are the same (even not 100%)

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#28 [url]

Dec 9 14 12:34 AM

Final tournament:
Group A: Australia, S.Korea, Oman, Kuwait
Group B: Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, China, N.Korea
Group C: Iran, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain
Group D: Japan, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine

West Asia : 10
East Asia : 5
Central Asia : 1
South Asia : 0 *
South East Asia : 0 *

* It saddens me that such a large part of the world (and a huge population) is not represented even in its own continent.

I don't see this tournament providing much attacking play. I expect a lot of draws.

The Mabel prediction system failed due to the fact that "Kuwait" contains "Wait". The phonetic similarity of "Korea" and "come here" was also a difficulty.

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Dec 9 14 7:25 PM

nfm24 wrote:
The Mabel prediction system failed due to the fact that "Kuwait" contains "Wait". The phonetic similarity of "Korea" and "come here" was also a difficulty.

That's why you need a pet octopus instead then. They were getting these pointless and baseless 'predictions' right before it was cool...

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#30 [url]

Dec 10 14 12:28 AM

But everybody knows that octopuses are only good for single match predictions. You need the superior processing power of a canine to pick a tournament winner.
A revised attempt led to Uzbekistan being the most favoured contender, although with little conviction.

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Posts: 5,508 Site Admin

#31 [url]

Dec 11 14 3:22 PM

It's almost like the Islamic games (11 of the 16 participants). I'm not sure any of these nations has huge support in Australia (maybe Iran). Still, if they are the best teams in Asia, it's up to the others to do what they can to catch up. Helps if you have money though...

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#32 [url]

Dec 11 14 4:27 PM

money is a factor, but also the Physionomy of the players: South and South East Asia people are smaller then the middle east and far east people....and other sports are also very important in those two regions... I think this 3 elements are an possible explanation..

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#37 [url]

Jan 9 15 12:25 PM

nfm24 wrote:
People from (some parts of) South and Central America are also small. Lionel Messi is small.

Aymara people, for example, are very small in average. They contribute to lessen the average height of Bolivian and Peruvian populations.

The Wikipedia table is not very consistent (to say the least), but 7 out of 10 smaller average male heights were registered in South and South East Asia.

Messi suffered with growth hormone deficiency in the childhood. The average Argentinian male height is about 173cm. 

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#39 [url]

Jan 15 15 10:54 PM

nfm24 wrote:
... I expect a lot of draws. ...

After 14 games: draws = 0. What is your definition of 'a lot of'?

But there is still reason to hope! On the final day of group stage (until now – group A to C) in five of six games teams play among themselves, in which both teams are either advanced the next round or both were eliminated; only Uzbekistan v Saudi Arabia is still important for the tournament.

So you can see: it is important to consider results of matches which are not (or less) important for the outcome of a tournament. Otherwise, your ‘prediction’ looks like a 'Luca Solidarity Forecast'...
Scornful remarks are by no means the intention of my post. Your expectation was reasonable and well-founded - but that doesn't help in individual cases ... After this ‘intervention’ fate no longer will try to refute YOU - now it can jump on me ...


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#40 [url]

Jan 16 15 8:11 PM

no draws, no upsets....hope to see some excitement in the next round...

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