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Oct 16 13 9:13 AM

Ghana-Egypt 6-1 icon_eek.gif

How crazy football is! At club level, Egypt is the most titled country in the continent with 29 international successes, while their National team is the most successful side in the African Nations Cup, with 7 triumphs.
Nevertheless, they've a very bad relationship with the World Cup: only 2 appearances. How crazy football is!

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Oct 16 13 6:00 PM

Historically the North African teams are usually poor travellers to sub-Saharan Africa. Ghana has, until recently, also had a surprisingly poor relationship with the World Cup. They were (with Egypt) the best team in Africa in the 1960s and generally strong in the 1980s/90s, but never quite managed to get it together.

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Nov 22 13 11:07 PM

nfm24 wrote:
There are still 10 matches to go in Round 3, so what are the odds of one of these being a walkover?

19-11-2013 Algeria 1-0 Burkina Faso
Burkina Faso protesting the use of captain Majid Bougherra by Algeria claiming he should be suspended for two yellow cards

Bougherra was booked against Mali (10th Sept) but not in the first leg vs BF on 12th Oct, at least, not according to the FIFA report.
So in this case it appears that the Burkinabes are imagining things.

Unless, he was yellow carded and the report just missed him out?  I don't know.
Did anyone see the game?  I didn't and I can't find a video to download, so if anyone has any pointers let me know.

[edited to fix broken link]

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Nov 22 13 11:18 PM

Not much help unless you read this a few days ago, but it was broadcast on BT Sport in the UK.

Unless that protest has some sort of effect, it looks like the 5 African nations qualified are the same 5 from 2010 excluding South Africa... I thought this was supposed to be the most unpredictable continent?

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Nov 22 13 11:26 PM

I think the 2nd leg was on BT Sport as you said, but the first leg I was talking about since that is the match in which he was allegedly booked, according to the Burkina federation anyway. So I wanted to watch the video to see if he was booked and it somehow wasn't noted. And just because I like watching Burkina Faso, they are quite a fun team ;-)

Looks like Europe was the most unpredictable this time. At least, all our predictions were pretty poor. Especially Mark's.

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Nov 22 13 11:29 PM

BTW for those that didn't know, there are several websites where videos of full matches can be downloaded, for most of the "big" countries at least. Though it may involve wading through a sea of advertisements of dubious virtue. Just saying that they exist.

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Nov 23 13 12:50 AM

nfm24 wrote:
Bougherra was booked against Mali (10th Sept) but not in the first leg vs BF on 12th Oct, at least, not according to the FIFA report.
So in this case it appears that the Burkinabes are imagining things. 

The same report has Guedioura being booked seven minutes before coming in, so Burkina Faso may be onto something...

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Nov 23 13 2:28 AM

I can't find any online summary of the match which mentions any yellow card for Bougherra.

Video of the full match :

Guedioura came on at 67'17", and was booked at 71'16".
I haven't watched the whole match but I also noticed that #4 Bakary Kone was substituted off injured at 8' in the first half (not at 47' as FIFA claim).

There was a prolonged incident either side of Bance's penalty around 83' to 88'. Some players certainly *should* have been booked. I cannot get anything from the commentary...
It looks like maybe somebody was booked around 86'40" or so but the camera was not following the referee (again).

I checked the other cards claimed by FIFA:
#6 Mesbah 7' yes (tv did not actually show the referee showing the card, but it seems clear that the referee booked him)
#5 Koffi 27 yes (as above)
#4 Belkalem 42' unclear, probably but not sure (as above : Belkalem "fouled" Pitroipa for a penalty)

I might watch the rest of the game tomorrow then send FIFA an invoice for my time.

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Nov 24 13 1:13 AM

I have now watched the full video.  Here is my match summary.  I have highlighted the info which was significantly wrong in the FIFA version.  Most of the timings are way out, and the 2nd Algerian sub was omitted altogther.

As mentioned above, the TV pictures rarely followed the referee after any incidents, so it is hard to say for sure whether the yellow cards list is complete.
We would need to consult eye witness sources such as local newspapers or journalists who were actually at the game, rather than watching on TV.

12/10/2013, Ouagadougou, Stade du 4-Août, 31000
World Cup Qualifying
BURKINA FASO        3 (11 Jonathan Pitroipa 45+2', 6 Djakaridja Koné 65', 15 Aristide Bancé 86' pen)
ALGERIA             2 (10 Sofiane Feghouli 50', 12 Carl Medjani 69')
Burkina Faso:       1 Daouda Diakité; 5 Mohamed Koffi (10 Bertrand Traoré 78'), 4 Bakary Koné
(4-2-3-1)           (2 Steeve Yago 8'), 8 Paul Coulibaly, 17 Jean-Noël Lingani
                    (12 Saïdou Panandétiguiri 68'); 18 Charles Kaboré [c], 6 Djakaridja Koné;
                    19 Jonathan Zongo, 11 Jonathan Pitroipa, 22 Préjuce Nakoulma; 15 Aristide Bancé.
Algeria:            23 Raïs M'Bolhi; 22 Mehdi Mostefa, 4 Essaïd Belkalem, 2 Madjid Bougherra [c],
(4-1-4-1)           6 Djamel Mesbah; 12 Carl Medjani; 10 Sofiane Feghouli (14 Foued Kadir 90+3'),
                    7 Hassan Yebda (17 Adlène Guedioura 68'), 19 Saphir Taïder (8 Medhi Lacen 83'),
                    15 El-Arbi Hillel Soudani; 13 Islam Slimani.
Referee:            Janny Sikazwe (Zambia).
Coaches:            Burkina Faso: Paul Put (Belgium).
                    Algeria: Vahid Halilhodžić (Bosnia and Herzegovina).
Cards:              Burkina Faso: 5 Mohamed Koffi [Y 27'].
                    Algeria: 6 Djamel Mesbah [Y 7'], 4 Essaïd Belkalem [Y 42'],
                             17 Adlène Guedioura [Y 72'].
Note:               Raïs M'Bolhi saved a penalty from Aristide Bancé at 44'.

Anyway, whether or not there were other yellow cards, there are enough errors and omissions there to further lambast FIFA for its inaccurate data.
Given that FIFA came down with such harsh punishment upon teams such as Cape Verde and Ethiopia for making simple errors such as failing to keep track of yellow cards, it is only fair to recommend that FIFA should sack its data service staff as punishment for their analogous errors.  Or at least, to cancel their free tickets to Brazil.

Last Edited By: nfm24 Nov 24 13 1:53 AM. Edited 1 time.

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#70 [url]

Nov 24 13 1:41 AM

It seems the Burkina federation is not so convinced about Bougherra any more but wants to continue the protest on other grounds.
They say "research continues" so who knows what they might dig out.

You can also read about the usual African "tactics" of poorly treating the away teams. I seem to recall Algerians were bothered about their maltreatment in Egypt 4 years ago, so hypocrisy is still strong there.

As a side story, this match caused a furore at Al-Jazeera because apparently Algerian state TV broadcast the match illegally without purchasing the rights. At the end of the video you can see a guy holds up a sheet of paper with words to that effect.

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#71 [url]

Nov 24 13 2:09 AM

For what it's worth, Bougherra himself denies being booked in the match.

I've just read another story that says Algeria was also considering a protest after the first leg about a Burkina player (Nakoulma).
They say he was ineligible for the first leg having been booked earlier vs Niger and Gabon.
FIFA reports say he was only booked vs Niger, not vs Gabon.
But some reports say also vs Gabon, e.g.
So are FIFA reports again wrong? Has everybody given up even trying to be accurate any more?

Perhaps I'll start charging money for recording yellow cards in my data, as it seems nobody else is capable of tracking them properly.

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#72 [url]

Oct 14 16 6:43 PM

Regarding (possibly) ineligible players, there is an ongoing case against Nelson Cabrera in Bolivia's recent matches vs Peru and Chile. He played in 2007 for Paraguay, 1 game in a friendly. He joined the Bolivia team for the Copa Centenario this year.

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