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Oct 3 11 10:20 PM

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While updating stats for Timo Kautonen I noticed UEFA has him in the lineup vs USSR in the qualifier in 1967-09-06. However, other sources have Semi Nuoranen instead. With this, Timo has either 50 or 51 caps for Finland. Can anyone confirm?

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Oct 4 11 8:17 PM

eu-football: Nuoranen
RSSSF: Kautonen
scoreshelf: Nuoranen Kautonen (likely copied from RSSSF) Kautonen (as above) Nuoranen Nuoranen

So I believe Nuoranen is correct. RSSSF states were likely based on UEFA, and other websites have perpetuated the error.

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Oct 4 11 11:41 PM

Hmm not solid though. RSSSF usually is correct. I tried to find a source with total caps for Kautonen but with no luck. However, Nuoranen is given 33 caps which should include the match vs USSR.

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Oct 30 13 11:23 PM

The first link on the Finnish FA page (I thought this was a natural place to look).


Huuhkajien is the nickname for the national team
Liiga is League

So, it is the league national team.

Mexico is also playing with the league national team (all players from Mexican league), but they seem to be counting it as the A team.

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Nov 6 13 4:52 AM

Better late than never, well done Finland. Suomen Palloliitto is the 2013 recipient of the "First Annual Roon Ba Award for Calling a Spade a Spade":

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Feb 26 14 6:34 PM

This was before the 6-sub rule got introduced, so maybe mutual agreement?

Heiki Pietarinen at RSSSF gives this match as official for Finland, but it is missing from, so what's the true story?

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Feb 26 14 7:49 PM

Because some Turkish fans invaded the pitch in second half injury time, after Finland's winning goal, and the referee abandoned the match.

Seems this was enough for FIFA to discount it (despite all their previous contrary statements in such cases).
It seems both FAs count it as official.

This was also the farewell match for Rustu Recber.

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Feb 28 14 4:23 AM

I got a reply from FIFA that the match officials were not official FIFA match officials. So the referee had no right to abandon the match, silly impostor.

Only 2 of the 4 officials are official FIFA officials (and only became so this year).

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Mar 1 14 1:03 PM

But those lists change on an annual basis.

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