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Jan 12 12 1:39 PM

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From 1961 to 1963, Basra based Al-Minaa Al-Basri (Basra Port Club) had a Danish coach by the name of Hansen, the first foreign coach to manage an Iraqi club.

Anyone know his full name?

There were not many Danish coaches in the Middle East at the time
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Jan 12 12 5:24 PM

My only suggestions are;
(1) Google for "fodbold træner Irak Hansen"
(2) ask someone at the DBU or find a Danish football history website
(3) look up all players named Hansen who played for Denmark during an appropriate period, and try to eliminate all candidates...

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Jan 13 12 11:54 PM

This page used to have a picture of the coach, which might have helped - but the images don't seem to be working any more,a s the site they were taken from no longer exists:

The contact address for the site who hosted the photograph ( was [email protected], but the site has been down since 2008, so I don't know if that e-mail address will work. However, that e-mail address (all in capital letters) is used by this Facebook page, which seems to be current: ([email protected])

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Jan 14 12 1:57 AM

Thanks, I did actually contact the club and they could only give me his family name

Most foreigners working in Iraq go by one name, sometimes even a nickname, the well-known Yugoslav coach of the Iraqi youth team in the 70s was known as Aba (real name Miodgrad Stankovic) while the national coach at the time was another Yugoslav (Croat), who went by the name Kaka (real name Lenko Grcic).

I will try and dig out a photo if I find it.

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