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Oct 17 14 1:05 AM

jonny wrote:
The Northern Mariana Islands Football Association (NMIFA) resigned from the Oceania Football Confederation in June 2009, paving the way to join AFC. 

The funny thing about this is that the NMIFA was never a member of OFC in the first place. 
It was an earlier federation (NMISF  or NMSF) which had joined the OFC in 1983 as an associate member, but apparently didn't do anything internationally until the 1998 Micronesian Games.

The NMIFA was founded in 2005.

The relevant paragraph from the 1985 Asia & Oceania Football Handbook (by Paul Moon & Peter Burns):
"Northern Marianas Soccer Federation
President Juan I. Tenorio.
"A national association which does not field a team or organise local competitions, the Northern Marianas Soccer Federation must be unique in world football.  Having become an Associate Member of the Oceanian Football Confederation in 1983, Northern Marianas, presumably, does have external aspirations and the casual nature of domestic matches could be formalised without too many difficulties - if the NMSF displays energy which has not been evident to date."