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Jun 21 12 8:12 AM

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here the moving pictures of a match a Brazilian XI played in France, autumn 1925. It is not really clear what Brazilian team played. The film introduces this match as Brazil v France, but it is also mentioned a São Paulo XI played this match. The legendary Brazilian striker Arthur Friedenreich scored three goals.
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Jun 21 12 10:50 AM

It would appear to be the first match of a CA Paulistano tour of Europe played at Stade Buffalo. "Paulistano" is a demonym for people from São Paulo, which could add to the confusion.

Results from the tour are available here (the match against France is given as 7-1 on the list but 7-2 in the text body, and the latter result confirmed elsewhere). Short reports and details are given in this article (both in Portuguese).

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Jun 22 12 9:11 AM

During this game, Paulistano fielded another important player: Amphilóquio Guarisi Marques “Filó”. He later took part in the World Cup triumph with Italy in 1934.

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