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Mar 27 17 1:53 AM

mattsanger92 wrote:
I've just seen the Scotland team walk out under their FA logo placed next to the words "This Time".

I think we borrowed that slogan from one of the other home nations:

Scotland played very well tonight, I thought, albeit they only grabbed the winner late on.  Griffiths must be the unluckiest player to wear a Scotland jersey, while Wee Gordon has finally realised that having a centre-back who can actually play football a bit (i.e. Mulgrew) opens up all kinds of possibilities for a non-hoofing approach.  Armstrong and Brown were good and Forrest was always making things happen.  It's just a shame that these sort of performances only come when it's virtually too late.

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Mar 27 17 6:16 PM

Mulgrew... Southend United legend*.

*Probably more deserving players for legend status, but he's one that I've seen play live (and well) a few times. Not a scratch on Bilel Mohsni though, that Tunisian madman, like a League 1 Eric Cantona.

Anyway, Scotland did play well and deserved the win, was an extremely scrappy goal by Coldplay there though. And maintaining his own legendary status after the match was Wee Gordon, if this job doesn't work out then surely one of the more boring coaches in club football should hire him purely to tag him in for the press conferences.

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Mar 28 17 1:28 AM

I was trying to think of other teams where there is a big disparity between the manager's own playing ability as an ex-footballer (at his peak) and the players of which he is currently in charge.

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