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Mar 5 13 1:00 AM

The goalkeeper kept it from being a double-digit defeat. I hope they can do well against Bangladesh.

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Mar 5 13 1:17 AM

NMI were terrible and there's no excuse for it. Nothing in their defence worked and nothing offensive either (still no goal). It's as if they're still figuring out how football is played.
Guam lost 0-9 each in their first AFC matches, but that was vs Korea Republic and Vietnam. They need to follow Guam and dig out some US born relatives.. - football internationals

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#44 [url]

Mar 5 13 8:49 AM

Very harsh! Their defence has improved a lot - 6 years ago they were losing 9-0 to Guam, yet alone Palestine. Indeed they lost 8-0 to Guam last November (albeit with a weakened team). Their defence is poor and I am not convinced the use of US 'old-boys' helps (Dunn, Westphal). Their attack is not awful, read the report and watch the video and you'll see Miller's free-kick bouncing narrowly over! They've tapped the US for talent too, just not much there.

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#45 [url]

Mar 5 13 1:33 PM

Guam may have lost 0-9 to South Korea and Vietnam (incidentally, also 9-2 to Taiwan), but these scores suggest that South Korea at least may have 'gone easy' on Guam so as not to embarrass them.

Subsequently, Guam have been subjected to some pretty horrendous results against not-so-good teams (0-15, 1-15 and 0-12 v Hong Kong, 0-16 v Tajikistan, 0-6 v Bhutan, 0-5 v Mongolia, 2-9 v Pakistan, 0-7 v Solomon Islands, 0-11 v Palestine, etc.)

NMI actually bettered this score v Palestine, and it took Guam 10 years of playing in the AFC to get to that level. In NMI's first entry into Asian competition (EAFF Championship in 2009), they lost 4-1 to Mongolia. After 7 years in AFC, Guam lost 5-0 to Mongolia, then 4-1, then 5-2, before eventually beating them 1-0.

So, if anything, NMI is actually progressing faster than Guam were initially.

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#46 [url]

Mar 5 13 5:51 PM

Consider also that Guam played in the Pacific Games even before competing in Asian tournaments, and were usually thrashed in those as well.
In 1991 and 1993 the received double-digit defeats in all 3 games. In 1995 they lost 6-0, 8-0, 9-0.
These were against Pacific islands.

So I agree with Mark, NMI is doing better than expected (or at least, no worse than expected), and should take credit for their performances.

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#47 [url]

Mar 5 13 11:56 PM

pieter wrote:
the gap between minnows and other teams in Asia is gigantic comparing to Africa where such scores are very rare...

Of course, you are absolutely right. But there are also some major differences between African and Asian football.

1) Different conditions within the continent in terms of physical strength, in Africa are not quite as pronounced.
2) Additional: for some Asian-(Oceania) teams, structures of ‘colonialism’ still play a very strong role.

The indigenous people, for example in the South Pacific, have (culturally) no relation to football. (Why should people in Tonga want to play football? They win every year the ‘Obesity Cup’ and are unassailable leading in the world rankings of body mass index).smiley: wink

Some people with a very different cultural background, but liked the idea of establishing an own continental federation. Tongan guys even had to play football, so that a few men could act like colonial rulers. (The function of OFC in the awarding of the 2006 World Cup is known. After that, the association could be immediately dissolved. Mission accomplished!)

And in the cases of American Samoa, Guam and Northern Marianas I see something of the same ‘spirit’…! Any bored men get the idea to represent the people. (The people will be represented by its ‘dominions’)…
Therefore, I see American Samoa, Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands with very mixed feelings... My sympathies are very limited for this kind of ‘American Plastic Wonderland’. (“They need to follow Guam and dig out some US born relatives”, wrote SDb. I think it is even worse. Every US citizen can basically play for NMI because there are no different citizenships).

In Bangladesh, the level of football is also not too huge. But there are many people whom football is a ‘matter of the heart’. So I hope that team is aware, that a large victory with many goals may be important for qualification.

To avoid misunderstandings: the players of NMI are no laughing stock. They are recreational exercisers who play about at the same level as Parson Drove FC (at best slightly better). I would never refuse, that they should take credit for their performances.


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Mar 6 13 3:18 PM

So Palestine (expected) and Afghanistan and Myanmar qualify; India eliminated.......interesting

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#52 [url]

Mar 6 13 4:55 PM

Yes, India will be glad they scored 4 against Guam earlier - it could be very helpful.

I think Philippines and Turkmenistan can both score enough goals against Cambodia and Brunei to get above India's +4 goal difference.  The matches in the Philippines are taking place on FIFA dates, which should mean a few extra players will be available for the home team.  I can see Philippines v Turkmenistan ending in a draw, which would mean both teams qualified (if they both beat Cambodia and Brunei, which they should).  Likewise, if Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan both beat Macau and Pakistan (which again they should), then they could also go into their last match needing a draw to qualify both teams.

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#53 [url]

Mar 6 13 7:48 PM

nfm24 wrote:
So in your view which countries are allowed to play?

In my view generally all countries should be allowed to play! Did I write something else? In addition to pieter's completely correct statement, I mentioned some of the causes. And I also agree with SDb's statement. The "progress" of Guam - but also of American Samoa - was ‘support’ from outside (“…dig out some US born relatives”… etc.)

Something that is not sympathetic to me is not a sufficient reason that I want to ban it.


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#55 [url]

Mar 21 13 2:50 PM

SEStubbs wrote:
Brunei have withdrawn from their qualification campaign due to 'unavoidable circumstances'


Due to Brunei's withdrawal from Group E, the results of the matches between the runner-up and the bottom placed team in the groups A to D will not be taken into account for the purpose of ranking the runners-up. Therefore Laos is qualified for the AFC Challenge Cup final. Suddenly Laos 1-1 Mongolia does not count! Interesting side effect... Brunei's withdrawal rules the Challenge Cup!

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#56 [url]

Mar 21 13 4:50 PM


The ever-reliable Wikipedia tells me that each of Brunei's opponents have been awarded a 3-0 win so results versus the 4th team do count. Consequently Bangladesh have qualified, in this case.

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#57 [url]

Mar 21 13 5:12 PM

Thank you for your information. The ‘ever-reliable’ Wikipedia told some hours ago exactly the opposite (it was one of my sources). I hope Wikipedia is now correct. - Such a decision (3-0 wins in Group E) would make much more sense.

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#58 [url]

Mar 21 13 8:50 PM

Let's use realistic sources? What does the AFC website say?

"Unavoidable circumstances" - now many months advance notice is needed before they become avoidable...
Or is it simply that they would unavoidably thrashed in all 3 games?

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#59 [url]

Mar 21 13 9:32 PM

If you scroll to the end of the page, you will see, Wikipedia seems to be correct (since 14:59 GMT). "Unavoidable circumstances" - two days before the tournament they recognized this... Sounds strange! The Philippines (since Younghusband Bros. …) and Turkmenistan are at least two levels better. Last match against Cambodia: 3-2! (Oct/09/12, AFF Suzuki Cup Qualifiers, Yangon). Realistic and totally reliable source: The Roon Ba.

Last Edited By: ctr Mar 21 13 11:20 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#60 [url]

Mar 22 13 3:35 AM

I think Brunei had a chance at least against Cambodia. Maybe they didn't want to beat them twice in one year.

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