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Sep 25 12 6:30 PM

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And now enjoy ourselves with the fattest players ever

I think the recordman is William "Fatty" Foulke. According to some sources, he was 1.93 m X 150 kg!


I remember also José Luis Chilavert at the World Cup 2002: he was enormous and this filmed sequence confirms that...

Also, a while ago, I took a look at some videos about the World Cup 1974, and I remember that several Uruguayan players were quite heavy...
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#1 [url]

Oct 7 12 9:45 AM

nfm24 wrote:

Other nominees:
Juan Domingo Brown
Ronaldo in his farewell match
Maradona and Gazza, at certain times
John Hartson
Tomas Brolin
Ferenc Puskas at the end of his career
José Luis Chilavert
Neville Southall
Jan Molby
Micky Quinn

Yeah, I remember "Gazza" over the season 1993-94, when he played for Lazio. He was definitely plump, and this card confirms that...


He appreciated too much the good Italian cookery

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Oct 7 12 4:20 PM

130 kilo Daniel 'Baronul' Badislav from Romanian 4th Divisionist Ciorogaria is the fattest present player.

In Dutch league 103 kilo FC Utrecht goalkeeper Jeroen Verhoeven (1,96 meters) is the fattest player, but despite of his heavy weight Verhoeven is an agile goalkeeper.

Former Dutch NT goalkeeper Piet Schrijvers (1,86 meters) is reported 100 kilos at the end of his carreer his carreer and would have defended Dutch goal at the 1978 World Cup final if he did not get injured in the - de facto - semi final against Italy. Despite of his posture he was one of the most agile goalkeepers in Holland at the time and please keep in mind there were a lot of agile (and excellent) Dutch goalkeepers at the time.

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#3 [url]

Oct 8 12 9:06 AM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
130 kilo Daniel 'Baronul' Badislav from Romanian 4th Divisionist Ciorogaria is the fattest present player.

This guy reminds me of Teo Sellers, the famous cartoon hero


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#5 [url]

Oct 8 12 1:17 PM

pieter wrote:
you can be heavy without being fat ...

That's true. Jeroen Verhoeven is heavy but not fat. The same for Piet Schrijvers. Heaviest Player might be a better name for this item.

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#6 [url]

Nov 16 12 9:36 AM

Eugenio Bersellini,The Iron Sergeant...


Source: La Raccolta Completa degli Album Panini 1965-66, page 66.

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#7 [url]

Nov 30 12 10:43 AM

The legendary Vito Chimenti...


Source: La Raccolta Completa degli Album Panini 1984-85, page 80.

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#12 [url]

May 24 13 4:24 PM

If we look at low league and amateur football we can find fat players easily - for it to be interesting let's stick to international or top level.

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#13 [url]

Jan 6 15 6:03 PM

Times of Swaziland, Fri 2 Sep 1966
 Manzini have laid claim to having the heaviest goalkeeper in soccer anywhere in the world.
 He is "Ten Ton Gallons", weight 300 lbs, who did duty for Manzini selected XI in their recent
 match against Mercedes Benz XI from Johannesburg.
 Our Manzini soccer correspondent writes "He was peerless in the air but a sorry sight when the ball sizzled along the ground.
 His weight couldn't permit him much ability.  Mercedes Benz won 4-1.

300 lbs is about 136 kg.

Also, from the same page:
 A goat was the prize in a soccer tournament at Hlatikulu recently, contested by soccer teams from the Shiselweni district.
 In the preliminary round, White Rocks beat Madulini 3-1 and Volcanoes beat Black Birds 5-0. In the final White Rocks edged out Volcanoes 2-0
 to win the goat.

I suggest Luca to add this one to his collection of trophy pictures...

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#14 [url]

Jan 7 15 6:52 PM

nfm24 wrote:
If we look at low league and amateur football we can find fat players easily - for it to be interesting let's stick to international or top level.
Do you make an exception for 101kg English lower-league journeyman Adebayo Akinfenwa, currently with AFC Wimbledon? Although he isn't even fat, more an example that those using the phrase 'not fat it's muscle' can hold up as their argument:


Can apparently benchpress almost twice his body weight, so almost one-and-a-half of your "Ten Ton Gallons" above. Also known for being the strongest player featured in the FIFA 15 video game on a 99 rating, and for having his own aptly-named clothing line called 'Beast Mode'.

And this isn't just some sort of topical bandwagoning onto his appearance in the FA Cup this weekend (happy that he scored, happier still over the end result smiley: grin), I've known about him ever since his early Northampton Town days when I saw him live as a visiting player, made an impression even in '08...

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#16 [url]

Jan 8 15 6:31 PM

That viewpoint apparently transfers to some people in stadiums in England (where Akinfenwa claims to have received the chant below), and Scotland, where the accent can give almost any chant a huge boost of hilarity smiley: laugh:

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#19 [url]

Jan 9 15 10:10 PM

Walter Henrique da Silva, 178 cm, was about 93 kg while in Goiás EC. In spite of all that, he joined the 2013 Brazilian national championship's dream XI, and was the second best scorer of the competition, with 11 goals.

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Posts: 5,500 Site Admin

#20 [url]

Jan 12 15 5:26 AM

I think everyone on this forum should just simultaneously eat as much as possible and become good at football over the next 6 months, and see if any of us can break the record for being the fattest football player. First person to get signed on professional terms wins a Toblerone and some Coke.

Last Edited By: TheRoonBa Jan 12 15 2:25 PM. Edited 1 time.

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