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Jan 8 16 1:06 AM

Well, I could explain it but I feel it would not be enjoyable for anybody to go over this again. Although a fair question is to ask why did they wait until now, when the explicit corruption (and concrete evidence thereof) has been known about for decades.

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Jan 9 16 7:17 PM

It would be good if FBI made also a deep and incisive investigation into the doping use in the U.S. sport in the past and in the present. But they surely won't...

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Feb 22 16 8:04 AM

the groups

Grupo A: Estados Unidos, Paraguay, Costa Rica y Colombia

Grupo B: Brasil, Perú, Haití y Ecuador.

Grupo C: México, Venezuela, Jamaica y Uruguay.

Grupo D: Argentina, Bolivia, Panamá y Chile.


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#46 [url]

Feb 23 16 10:35 AM

Another remarkable coincidence: the Brazilian coach, Dunga, played two important finals in Pasadena during his career. Not only the 1994 World Cup final, but also the 1984 Olympic Games Gold Medal match, when he was defeated by France.

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#47 [url]

Jun 2 16 7:53 PM

2016 Copa América Centenario is beginning with USA-Colombia.
Everytime I hear of a USA-Colombia match, I can never forget that tragic own-goal

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#48 [url]

Jun 19 16 8:42 AM

Ok, now we can adfirm without delay that this "Roja" is the best national team ever expressed by the Chilean football. A great 2014 World Cup, knocking out Spain and matching Brazil in the eighth-finals, a well-deserved triumph in the 2015 Copa América and now the semi-finals. Plus, a lot of good players integrating the most important European clubs.

Chile lived other remarkable moments in the past (two consecutive second places in the South American Championship in 1955 and in 1956, the bronze medal in the 1962 World Cup and a very positive performance at France '98), but the 2014-2016 period is second to none as to continuity and achievements.

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#50 [url]

Jun 27 16 7:55 AM

Oh my goodness, I wouldn't want to be an Argentine fan these days.

23 years without winning and 7 international finals thrown out of the window (1995 and 2005 Confederations Cup; 2004, 2007 and 2015 Copa América; 2014 World Cup; 2016 Copa América Centenario).

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#51 [url]

Jun 27 16 6:19 PM

I agree, it must be terrible to make so many finals.

every Scotland fan,
EU (still)

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