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Oct 26 12 1:15 PM

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During the 1938-1945 German rule Austrian NT played some international matches as Ostmark or Vienna. This list might not be complete, but at least these matches are kown:

Vienna, 3 April 1938. Austria 2-0 Germany
62. Sindelar 1-0, 70. Hahnemann 2-0. Referee: Birlem. Attendance: 60.000.
Austria: Platzer; Sesta, Schmaus; Wagner, Mock, Skoumal; Hahnemann, Stroh, Sindelar, Binder, Pesser.
Germany: Jakob; Janes, Münzenberg; Kupfer, Goldbrunner, Kitzinger; Lehner, Gellesch (?), Berndt, Gauchel, Fath.

Vienna, 24 April 1938. Vienna (Austria) 3-5 Budapest
One can read a match report here

Since 1921 Budapest XI is not equal anymore to Hungary NT. Vienna XI used to be equal to Austrian NT in the 1902-1908 and 1918-1945 era (with the exception of two matches, played on 07-04-1929 and 27-09-1936).

Vienna, 21 May 1939. Ostmark (Austria) 7–1 Bohemia and Moravia (Czechia)
5. Hanreiter 1-0, 6. Senecký 1-1, 25. Binder 2-1, ?. Pesser, 3-1, ?. Schors 4-1, 45. Binder 5-1, 60. Reitermayer 6-1, 73. Reitermayer 7-1. Referee (Multer (Germany)). Attendance: 23.000 (also reported 25.000).
Ostmark: Platzer; Sesta, Schmaus; Wagner, Hofstädter, Skoumal; Hanreiter, Schors, Binder, Safarik (46. Reitermayer), Pesser.
Bohemia and Moravia: Boksay (46. Bechet); Burgr, Daucik; Košťálek, Bouček, Kolský; Říha, Senecky, Bican, Kopecký, Nejedlý.

Vienna, 1 October 1939. Vienna (Austria) 3-1 Budapest

Prague, 22 October 1939. Bohemia and Moravia (Czechia) 5–5 Ostmark (Austria)
18. Pesser 0-1, 22. Binder 0-2, 25. Čepelák 1-2, 40. Reitermayer 1-3, 53. Ludl 2-3, 58. Pesser 2-4, 60. Bican 3-4, 65. Bican 4-4, 69. Bican 5-4, 78. Binder 5-5. Referee: Scarpi (Italy). Attendance: 20.000.
Bohemia and Moravia: Kraus; Košťálek, Štumpf; Průcha, Bouček, Kolský; Říha, Bican, Kopecký, Čepelák.
Ostmark: Platzer; Kaller, Marischka; Wagner, Hofstädter, Skoumal; Ostermann, Reiermayer, Binder, Safarik, Pesser.

Budapest, 9 June 1940. Budapest 0-1 Vienna (Austria)

Vienna, 26 October 1941. Vienna (Austria) 8-2 Budapest

Between 24-04-1938 and 26-10-1941 there have been played four Vienna v Budapest matches. The match played on 24-04-1938 is reported as  84th match between both sidesthe played on 26-10-1941 as 87th match between both sides

Of the German Team that played on 03-04-1938 I could not read the name of Gellesch (?) quite well. Can anyone find out what his name is? Line up is here (third column) 

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Oct 26 12 1:52 PM

There were no matches labeled "Ostmark". Austrians played as Vienna or Vienna selection. The Ostmark label was introduced afterwards, like when the Czech Republic included their match from 1939.

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Oct 30 12 5:01 PM

This part of the story makes clear why it is so easy to mix up Vienna with Austria (Ostmark).

One can read a match report here says among others the match is the 84th between both sides and the what they name Germanaustrians were not able to break the 4 year unbeaten run of the Hungarians. Some facts about Hungary v Austria: at the time Hungary and Austria have played 82 official A-internationals so far (including the 10 played as Budapest v Vienna in the 1902-08 era). The last Austrian victory against Hungary was at the 1934 World Cup quarter final, which was 4 years ago at the moment.

BTW, Austrian FA informed me the 1939-1945 Gauliga Ostmark champions are regarded as official Austrian champions by the Austrian Bundesliga and included following link in their message

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Apr 6 13 10:19 PM

According to Kleines Sportblatt of 26 June 1939 Ostmark drew 0-0 with Switzerland in Zürich the previous day, which makes clear there was a (select, regional, national, whatever you want) team labelled Ostmark at the time. Kleines Sportblatt is an Austrian newspaper.

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Apr 26 13 4:34 PM

Interesting remark on wikipedia site about Austrian NT in German language which says : "Österreich trat gemeinsam mit Deutschland als großdeutsche Nationalmannschaft auf, die FIFA hielt trotzdem Österreich einen Turnierplatz frei, da sie die Auflösung des ÖFB nicht anerkannte." In English: "Austria appeared with Germany together as "Great-Germany" NT. FIFA kept a place for Austria (at the 1938 World Cup champions), as the ÖFB dissolving was not recognized by FIFA.

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Aug 23 14 9:58 AM

Also a Budapest 2-1 Vienna match on 02-10-1938. As Germany did not select any player for their match against Bulgaria the Vienna team (de facto Ostmark team) could field Ostmarks best players.

Only the match preview in Kleines Sportblatt of 02-10-1938 gives the full line ups of both sides. This match preview also says this is the 85th match between both cities which also include Austria vs Hungary matches because  almost without any exception Austria fielded only Vienna based and Hungary only Budapest based players. In 1938 Hungarian NT used only Budapest players in some matches, i.e. the World Cup final, but not in every match.

Budapest: Szabó - Polgár, Biró - Lazar, Turay, Dudas - Kincses, Sárosi, Zsengellér, Kiszely, Titska.
Vienna (Ostmark): Raftl - Sesta, Schmaus - Wagner, Mock, Skoumal - Zischeck, Hahnemann, Stroh, Schall, Pesser. Reserves: Zöhrer, Schors).

Match report: Goals: Zsengellér (2) for Budapest, Schall for Vienna.

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Oct 16 14 9:50 PM

trekky76 wrote:
There were no matches labeled "Ostmark". Austrians played as Vienna or Vienna selection. The Ostmark label was introduced afterwards, like when the Czech Republic included their match from 1939.

Fußball Sonntag of 21 May 1939 reports in a preview about a match Ostmark vs Bohemia and Moravia.

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