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Oct 28 12 10:44 PM

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According to Amgigoe di Curaçao, 8 April 1965 the match Mexico vs Costa Rica of 6 April was cancalled in the 23th min. of the second half (score at that moment 1-1) and the match was to be replayed.
However I could not find a report on the rematch, and the websites of FIFA and both the Mexican and Costa Rican FA's give 1-1 at 6 April.
So was it decided later that result stood?

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Oct 29 12 7:46 AM

the match was abandoned in the 68 min, after a Mexican sent off refused to lieve the field and the match degenerated into the usual battle"

source: Soccer in Costa Rica (Ken Knight)

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Oct 29 12 5:04 PM

The match was abandoned by the referee at 72' because the Mexican captain Sepúlveda refused to leave the field after having been 'sent off'. The following day, the disciplinary tribunal declared that the match would be replayed; meanwhile the Costa Rican association announced that in the case of a replay being ordered, Costa Rica would withdraw immediately from the tournament and from CONCACAF. The next day, CONCACAF's committee overruled the tribunal decision, declaring the match result as a 1-1 draw.

Articles from "La Nacion" (Costa Rica)

Referee's Report

Details of final decision by CONCACAF:

Final round of matches:

Articles from "El Informador" (Guadalajara):
El Informador, Wed 7th April 1965
Guatemala, April 6 : The encounter between Mexico and Costa Rica was suspended at the 26th minute of the 2nd half after to a foul committed by McDonald, central defender of the "Ticos", on the Mexican forward Ramiro Navarro, which led to turmoil between the players.
The score was level at one goal each. [Goals: Ruvalcaba 45' / Zuniga 10']

El Informador, Thur 8th April 1965
Guatemala, April 7 : The penalty tribunal of the 2nd championship of the North and Central American and Caribbean resolved to replay the match between Mexico and Costa Rica, suspended last night at the 24th minute of the 2nd half after a serious disorder between the players, when the score stood level at 1-1.
The resolution established also that the replay date would be decided by the organizing committee, and that the referee should be an international one and not from any of the countries represented in the competition.
The tribunal also suspended for two games the players Guido Pena of Costa Rica and Guillermo Sepulveda of Mexico, and admonished the Guatemalan referee Emilio Aguilar who directed the game last night, and he will not act as referee in the rest of the championship.
Authorized sources said that Costa Rica is not content with the tribunal's decision and it would be no surprise if the team retired from the tournament.
San Jose, April 7 : In an emergency meeting the national federation of football resolved today that if the tribunal of the championship finds that Costa Rica should replay the match with Mexico, which was suspended last night due to disorder, then they will order the immediate return of their team.
The meeting took place before the information became known that the tribunal had met in Guatemala and had resolved that the match will be played for a second time, annulling the 69 minutes played last night.
The federation adopted a resolution with two conditions. Firstly it stated that if the tribunal officially ratified the draw 1-1 as it stood at the moment of suspension, it would permit the national team to play tomorrow vs El Salvador.
Secondly it decided on the immediate return of the team and the withdrawal of Costa Rica from the confederation in the case that the tribunal orders a replay with Mexico.
San Jose, April 7 :
Costa Rica has decided to retire from the tournament helf in Guatemala due to incidents which occurred last night during the match vs Mexico.
The Ticos considered that it was the Mexican team which rebelled against the referee's decision.
This decision is not irrevocable, perhaps because it was published before the organizer's decision. Either way, Costa Rica will not accept a replay vs Mexico.

El Informador, Fri 9th April 1965
Guatemala, April 8 : CONCACAF decided today to declare a 1-1 draw between Mexico and Costa Rica, suspended on Tuesday evening.
The Confederation considered that the penalty tribunal did not have the legal basis to order the replay of the match as it did yesterday.
The decision of CONCACAF was adopted jointly by the Costa Rican Ramon Coll, the Mexican Joaquin Soria, and the Guatemalan Rima Sosa.

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Feb 16 14 4:55 PM

Incidentally the qualifying tournament for this was quite interesting.
There were three zones:
North: (USA + Mexico)
Central: (Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador)
Caribbean: (Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad, Haiti, Dominican Rep, Dutch Antilles) - to be held in Jamaica

In January the Caribbean football leaders met in Jamaica (during world cup quals) to propose to CONCACAF that Mexico and USA should join the Central zone to make it a fair balance of two zones of six teams, with the top two in each zone to qualify (along with hosts Guatemala and holders Costa Rica). Because the date of the finals had been brought forward to 28 Mar-11 Apr, there was no longer time to play the Caribbean qualifiers, so the Caribbean leaders also proposed that the tournament be kept to the original dates (25 Apr to 9 May). CONCACAF did not reply.

In February Jamaica informed CONCACAF that it would withdraw if the proposal was not accepted. I'm not sure, but it seems that most of the other Caribbean teams also withdrew, perhaps someone knows more. In mid March the qualifiers still hadn't been played, and Cuba were complaining about issues getting visas from the Guatemalans.
So I don't think any Caribbean zone matches were played at all.

In the North Zone, I'm not sure if the World Cup quals between USA and Mexico were also counted for the CONCACAF qualifiers, or whether USA withdrew.
Perhaps someone can answer that, I am a bit too busy to research further at the moment.

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Feb 16 14 8:28 PM

"La Nación" summarizes the qualifiers here:
Mexico qualified directly as USA withdrew.
The Caribbean group, after the issues mentioned above, was reduced to Haiti, Cuba, and the Dutch Antilles. They were due to play a triangular in Curacao starting 14th March of which the top two would qualify.
However, as Guatemala refused to allow Cuba to participate anyway, the qualifiers were abandoned and Haiti and the Dutch Antilles qualified by default.
So the only qualifying matches played was the El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras triangular.

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Feb 17 14 10:17 AM

I bet that the Guatemalan "ostracism" towards the Cuban delegation had political implications, as, in 1965, Guatemala and Cuba were on opposite sides of the fence...

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Feb 17 14 2:12 PM

Of course!

Cuba protested to FIFA. FIFA cabled the Guatemalan organizing committee urging them to "do all in their power" to obtain visas for the Cubans.
Cuba demanded that FIFA should withdraw recognition of CONCACAF if it cancelled the Caribbean qualifying zone, following Guatemala's regusal to grant visas to the Cuban team if they reached the final stages to be played in Guatemala.
FIFA's general secretary (Helmut Kaser) said "We now expect the Confederation to take up the matter directly with Cuba and Guatemala. FIFA is not competent to withdraw its recognition of the Confederation. The grounds given are of a political nature and beyond the competence of FIFA."

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May 11 16 6:07 PM

I'm trying to send RSSSF an updated version of the file about the 1965 CONCACAF Nations Cup, with at least the ordered dates of the matches and some additional info, but I can't reconstruct the dates of the qualifying tournament, as there are discordant data. I consulted both El Informador and La Nacón, but I couldn't find news...

Qualifying Tournament (San Salvador, March  -March )
 El Salvador     4-0 Nicaragua 
 Nicaragua       2-0 Honduras 
 El Salvador     3-1 Honduras  

Final Tournament (Ciudad de Guatemala, March 28-April 11) 28-03-1965 Costa Rica 6-0 Dutch Antilles
28-03-1965 Guatemala 3-0 Haiti
28-03-1965 Mexico 2-0 El Salvador
30-03-1965 Costa Rica 3-1 Haiti
30-03-1965 El Salvador 1-1 Dutch Antilles
01-04-1965 Guatemala 0-0 Costa Rica
01-04-1965 Mexico 5-0 Dutch Antilles 04-04-1965 Mexico 3-0 Haiti
04-04-1965 Guatemala 4-1 El Salvador 06-04-1965 Guatemala 3-2 Dutch Antilles
06-04-1965 Mexico 1-1 Costa Rica 08-04-1965 El Salvador 2-1 Costa Rica
08-04-1965 Dutch Antilles 1-1 Haiti 11-04-1965 El Salvador 3-1 Haiti 11-04-1965 Mexico 2-1 Guatemala WINNERS: MEXICO

TOPSCORER: Ernesto Cisneros (Mexico) 5

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May 12 16 7:10 PM

FIFA Official Bulletin 43 - January December 1965 has half time scores and referees:

28-3-65 Mexico v. El Salvador 2-0 (1-0) M. Araya Muñoz, Costa Rica
28-3-65 Costa Rica v. Neth. Antilles 6-0 (4-0) E. Aguilar Menendez, Guatemala
28-3-65 Guatemala v. Haiti 3-0 (2-0) R. Valenzuela y Marin, Mexico
30-3-65 Neth. Antilles v. El Salvador 1-1 (0-1) R. Valenzuela y Maria, Mexico
30-3-65 Costa Rica v. Haiti 3-1 (2-0) Duke Gonzales, El Salvador
1-4-65 Mexico v. Neth. Antilles 5-0 (0-0) E. Aguilar Menendez, Guatemala
1-4-65 Guatemala v. Costa Rica 0-0 (0-0) Diego de Leo, Mexico
4-4-65 Mexico v. Haiti 3-0 (3-0) Th. Koetsier, Neth. Antilles
4-4-65 Guatemala v. El Salvador 4-1 (3-0) Diego de Leo, Mexico
6-4-65 Guatemala v. Neth. Antilles 3-2 (1-1) R. Valenzuela y Marin, Mexico
6-4-65 Mexico v. Costa Rica 1-1 (1-1) E. Aguilar Menendez, Guatemala
8-4-65 Haiti v. Neth. Antilles 1-1 (0-0) M. Araya Muñoz, Costa Rica
8-4-65 El Salvador v. Costa Rica 2-1 (1-0) Diego de Leo, Mexico
11-4-65 Haiti v. El Salvador 1-3 (1-1) M. Araya Muñoz, Costa Rica
11-4-65 Guatemala v. Mexico 1-2 (1-2) Th. Koetsier, Neth. Antilles

BTW, I couldn't find anything about the cancalled Caribbean qualification in the Antillean newspaper Amigoe, or in Historia di futbol di Korsou 1921-2006 by V. Marcha.


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May 12 16 9:24 PM

Sensini wrote:
BTW, I couldn't find anything about the cancalled Caribbean qualification in the Antillean newspaper Amigoe, or in Historia di futbol di Korsou 1921-2006 by V. Marcha.

What I wrote above (and a bit tidier on the RSSSF file) came mostly from the Jamaica Gleaner.

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#12 [url]

May 13 16 5:52 PM

Thank you very much, Neil and Sensini.
As to the qualifiers, I can confirm they only consist of those three games, because it is reported by El Imparcial from 15/03/1965.
Being the final tournament in Guatemala, El Imparcial gives a lot of info. It seems the dates I wrote above are confirmed. In the next days I'm going to add further info, if possible, mainly the goalscorers.
Unfortunately hurry and lack of time are my worst opponents. They are like Barcelona and Real Madrid: I always try to beat them, but they always win...

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#14 [url]

Jul 21 16 10:33 AM

Thanks to your information, this NC has been finalized also in RSSSF.
I have just one detail's question.
In which stadia the Qualifiers and the  Final Tournament were played?
I got Flor Blanca (don't remember the Source) for the three Matches in San Salvador and Mateo Flores (from Wikipedia) for all the Matches played in Ciudad de Guatemala.
Can you confirm?
My doubts come mainly from:
-the lack of Source for Flor Blanca
-three matches played all in the same stadium (28 March 1965 in M.Flores)
-the limited reliability I personally give to Wikipedia

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#15 [url]

Jul 22 16 10:58 PM

At least I can confirm from the Curaçao newspaper Amigoe that the matches of the Netherlands Antilles vs Costa Rica (28 March) and El Salvador (30 March)  were played in Estadio Mateo Flores.



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#16 [url]

Jul 23 16 11:01 AM

Thanks Mark for your kind reply.
Also I got some very interesting and useful information from Neil.
Now my question has been cleared.
All Qualifiers were played in Flor Blanca.
All 28 March matches were played in M.Flores.
All the other matches of Final Tournament were most probably played in M.Flores. This shall be fully clarified, without any remaining doubt, when I'll have completed the reading of  the reports from "El Imparcial" received by Neil.

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#18 [url]

Jul 23 16 4:23 PM

A side note of trivia : Mateo Flores himself performed the ceremonial kickoff.

I did also find some more confirmation about the qualifying tournament structure, withdrawals etc in the Honduran newspaper "El Dia". But I did my usual trick of grabbing all the newspaper reports and then filing them away without looking at them... Basically my filing system is much like the government warehouse of treasures at the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"

If somebody knows a good secretary, let me know :-)

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