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#21 [url]

Jul 9 13 10:26 AM

Panama's second half tactics against Mexico were deplorable. Falling over and pretending to be injured at almost every opportunity. I was actually hoping that Mexico would equalise to teach them a lesson.

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#23 [url]

Jul 20 13 10:37 AM

Why does Canada gets a wild card: they did not score a goal and finished last in their group?
They could play the central American teams, so this qualifiyng group would see 8 teams (7 is not a good number)....

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#24 [url]

Jul 20 13 11:33 AM

The reason is that each sub-region of CONCACAF gets a set number of teams. North America gets 3, Central America gets 5, Caribbean gets 4. I can't imagine Canada being too happy to play qualifying matches in Central America. If they did, Central America would then get 6 places, and Canada would qualify anyway (probably ahead of Belize and Nicaragua), so the whole exercise seems pointless.

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#25 [url]

Jul 20 13 12:21 PM

they should play real qualifiers like in Europe, Africa, Asia....If Canada qualify they at least deserve their place.....and when will the cup be played outside the USA? It is not serious they always have home advantage....

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#28 [url]

Jul 20 13 9:48 PM

Qualifying would have to be done in such a way to make matches relatively meaningful. In my opinion, the maximum number of teams in the final qualifying round should be 21 (3 groups of 7 teams - Group winners + best runner-up qualify, other 6 runners-up enter 3 play-off matches - hosts would qualify automatically). This way, each of the big teams would probably have to play 4 matches to qualify. If any more teams than this were in the final round, I think the mismatches would be too great (Mexico v Anguilla, for example, is not good for anyone).

Based on a serpentine application of the ELO rankings, a possible scenario could be:
Hosts: Mexico

Dominican Republic

Costa Rica
Antigua & Barbuda

French Guiana


El Salvador

Trinidad & Tobago

Saint Kitts & Nevis

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#29 [url]

Jul 20 13 11:45 PM

When exactly would those qualifiers be played? The schedule is congested as it is. The Cup would have to be played every four years only and that's revenue CONCACAF maybe can't do without. - football internationals

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#30 [url]

Jul 21 13 11:21 PM

Well, the Caribbean teams manage to play qualifiers for the Caribbean Cup/Gold Cup and World Cup. Some of the Caribbean teams have to play 6 matches just to qualify for the Caribbean Cup, then another 5 at the Caribbean Cup - all before they even get to play at the Gold Cup.

If the big teams played 4 qualifiers instead of arranging 4 friendlies on FIFA dates, then there would be no problem finding room in the calendar.

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#32 [url]

Jul 22 13 1:31 PM

The tournament is too big for anyone except USA and Mexico to host. They would have to divide the group stage across two or three other countries to host it elsewhere.

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#33 [url]

Jul 22 13 5:42 PM

It's obvious why the tournament has been hosted in the USA (and Mexico) each time, but I wouldn't say it's impossible for another country to stage it on their own (without the USA's ground-hopping method), Canada and Trinidad and Tobago spring to mind, and comparing their stadium capacities with 2013 attendance figures, if they managed to match what USA and Mexico can produce (a big if), then CONCACAF wouldn't be making such a big sacrifice in such a case...

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#35 [url]

Jul 22 13 6:33 PM

the Asian Cup has been played in 4 ! countries; Mexico hosted only once, there are possibilities, but there are financial reasons to play in the USA (I have no problem with this fact, but it is a pity the hosts cannot change like in all other continents....

It could also be a eight or ten team tournament with 2 groups, so only two host countries would be necessary...
best solution would be a 16 team tournament every four years with teams from all over America

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#36 [url]

Jul 23 13 12:10 AM

SDb wrote:
Yes but I would prefer variety instead of playing the same teams over and over again.
I just don't see any need for qualifiers at this time.

So, your definition of variety means having Mexico, Canada, USA in EVERY edition without qualifying?  It means having El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras, Costa Rica in almost every edition?  It means having Jamaica, Cuba, Trinidad & Tobago in almost every edition?  Of the 12 teams in each edition, 9 or 10 are the same every time.  The only VARIETY, as you put it, is actually CAUSED by qualifiers.  If there were no qualifiers, there would be no variety at all.

Am I the only one who can see this very obvious fact?

There is already qualifying for every team except Mexico, USA and Canada.  All other 37 CONCACAF teams play qualifying.  That's 92.5% of CONCACAF members.  If anything, Mexico, Canada and USA should join with Central America for qualifying.

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#37 [url]

Jul 23 13 6:02 PM

Canada should play qualifiers with the USA, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cuba, and Greenland.
CONCACAF will not give up their main source of income by making the tournament smaller, nor by staging it in a single smaller country which is less conducive to advertising, tickets, and TV sales.
Which countries in CONCACAF can realistically host a major championship? USA, Mexico, Canada, maybe Costa Rica, and then we have to look at combinations of countries.
But CONCACAF could do as Platini's proposal for future UEFA Euros, spreading the games across the continent with all the serial qualifiers getting to host matches.

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#38 [url]

Jul 25 13 2:28 PM

I like the idea of 'North' North America having a merged qualifying tournament with Central America, but instead leaving automatic spots open to the holders and hosts. This would give the USA an almost-guaranteed place each time based on their hosting history, and Mexico with the occasional co-hosting and regular strong performances, while Canada could be given an easy passage if 'needed' by CONCACAF through letting them host some matches.

If the Central American tournament had at least one more team join, though, it would also mean it is no longer in an uneven 7-nation format, and would free up extra Gold Cup places that can be shared between the mainland and the Caribbean.

On this year's tournament, it seems like a rare case in which the two very best teams of the competition are meeting in the Final...

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#39 [url]

Jul 27 13 8:28 PM

Well Piet already suggested Canada plays in UNCAF to make 8 teams.
Alternatively UNCAF could invite Cuba or some other Caribbean team.

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