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May 12 13 6:11 PM

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I recently purchased used copies of Ceskoslovensky Fotbal v Cislech a Faktech; Kronika Ceskeho Fotbalu do Roku 1945; and Kronika Ceskeho Fotbalu od Roku 1945.  

So, if anyone has any questions about any level of Czechoslovakian football, feel free to ask.
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May 27 13 6:07 AM

On April 21, 1940 at Letna in Prague, Bohemia played Moravia.

Bohemia won 3-1
Melka opened the scoring for Bohemia, with Ludl scoring for Bohemia. Kopecký scored twice to round out the scoring.

Horák - Parbudibce
Urban - SK Plzen
Štumpf - Sparta
Bouška - Slavia
R. Šmejkal - Pardubice
Rydval - Bohemians
Říha - Sparta
Ludl - Sparta
Bican - Slavia
Kopecký - Slavia
Gibic - Plzen

Parák - Bata Zlín
Eduard Vaněk - Židenice
Lugr - Prostějov
Harnach - Židenice
Rúžička - Židenice
Winter - Židenice
Zeissberger - Slezská
Šimek - ASO Olomouc
Melka - Prostějov
Antonín Bardáč - Rolný Olomouc
Buchta - Židenice

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Mar 22 15 9:59 AM

The spectacular pictures below show the two matches between Italy and Czechoslovakia valid for the 1955-1960 Central European International Cup, conquered by the Czechoslovakian National team. This also was the last edition of this tournament, considered as the ancestor of the European Championship.

13/12/1958 Italy-Czechoslovakia 1-1 (Source: Il Calcio E Il Ciclismo Illustrato 51 from 1958)


01/11/1959 Czechoslovakia-Italy 2-1 (Source: Il Calcio E Il Ciclismo Illustrato 44 from 1959)


This is the report from Corriere dello Sport confirming the win for Czechoslovakia.


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May 18 15 10:44 AM

I came across this game on youtube, but I couldn't find any record in Czechoslovak football books. I might have missed it though...

1970 Morocco vs Czechoslovakia

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May 18 15 3:48 PM

1970 warmups for Morocco included:

25-1-70 Morocco 1-1 Slovan Bratislava
7-2-70 Sevilla 2-0 Morocco
12-3-70 Morocco 0-0 Olympique Marseille
[late March, early April 1970 : training camp at Coverciano, unclear if any matches played]
8-4-70 Saint-Etienne 5-1 Morocco (Salif Keita show)
10-5-70 Morocco 1-0 Corinthians

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May 18 15 5:10 PM

In the winter of 1970 Czech regional team made a Southamerican tour. This Peru overview reports about matches played against Czechoslovakia, played on 4 and 7 February, but this was not. It was Czechia, which was a part of Czechoslovakia at the time. In the early 1990 someone from Germany sent me a copy from Gol magazin with a list of Bohemia/Czechia results. There have been 3 parts: 1906-1909 (Bohemia), 1939 (Bohemia and Moravia), 1940-1944 (Bohemia playing 9 matches against Moravia) and 1969-1970.

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May 21 15 11:21 AM

nfm24 wrote:
nfm24 wrote:
BTW in January 1970 many Czechoslovakian clubs were on tours to "exotic" places (South America, Mediterranean, Australia), perhaps you could read through the issues of Rude Pravo
and provide us with a nice summary of all such tour results :-)

Has my invitation been declined ?  smiley: frown

Very much work in progress at this stage.
Will put in the available details from the listed sources - and others - in the near future; additions welcome

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Jan 9 16 7:24 PM

One of the most suggestive pictures about the 1920 Olympic final between Belgium and Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia withdrew in protest and were disqualified. Belgium won the gold medal.


Source: Calcio 2000 issue 33 from August 2000.

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