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Jul 9 13 10:36 AM

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Can anyone help with results and any other details from an international tournament held in Sardinia in June 1991?  The following countries were present (that I know about).  Most, if not all, of these teams were national teams.  Poland, Romania, Greece, Canada, Soviet Union, Bulgaria.

The details I have:
22.06.1991 Poland 4-1 Canada (in Villasimius)
25.06.1991 Poland 2-0 Greece (in Pula)
26.06.1991 Romania 2-1 Soviet Union (in ?) - Russian sources also give the score as 3-1 to Soviet Union
29.06.1991 Poland 0-0 Romania (in Nuxis) (semi-final?)
30.06.1991 Bulgaria 2-1 Romania (in Lunamatrona) (final?)

It's possible other teams (not necessarily national teams) were present.  From the dates above, it seems there was possibly a group stage (22-26 June) followed by finals matches (29-30 June).

Before going home, Greece later played a friendly match v Italy on 03.07.1991 (losing 6-0 in Viterbo).

First impressions are that Canada did not use their national team (they wouldn't be expected to lose 1-4 to Poland, as Canada are one of the better women's national teams).

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Jul 10 13 9:49 AM

For what it's worth, the Italian FA's website lists the match against Greece as having been played on the 3rd of May (a Friday), though a July date would probably have meade more sense in preparation for the upcoming women's Euro.

There's also mention of an Italy 4-1 Yugoslavia played on the 23rd of June, but on the mainland (Umbertide), so unrelated to the tournament.

Other FA's websites have not been helpful.

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Jul 13 13 8:58 AM

I've some issues of the magazine "Guerin Sportivo" from that period, but unfortunately beginning from mid-July 1991, and the only thing I've found is an article about the Italian participation in the European Championship. Pity that the interesting Sardinian newspaper "Unione Sarda" doesn't propose a digital archive.

As to the game Italy-Greece 6-0 in Viterbo, I just can say that also this website reports May 3, 1991 at 2.30 pm.

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