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Sep 4 13 3:35 PM

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If anyone here likes animated comedies such as The Simpsons, South Park, etc. (not cartoons, there's a difference smiley: nerdsmiley: madsmiley: wink), then please enjoy this epic piece of work (smiley: grin) recently made by yours truly:
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Sep 5 13 6:40 PM

No real difference, just a way that some people (including myself) like to draw the line between something like SpongeBob SquarePants and something like Family Guy (not the best example seeing as one is not significantly more 'mature' than the other).

It's one of those naming things - call half these shows cartoons and a network will lose casual viewers and/or get more complaints from any parents who let their kids watch them without checking into it (they do anyway, but they'd probably get more). An example of this is Fox in America calling their 'adult animated' block Animation Domination, something like 'Cartoon Chaos' (?) would send out the wrong message...

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Sep 5 13 9:47 PM

I see, so cartoons are perceived as being for kids, but by calling them something else they can be rebranded* for adults.
The same works for toys I suppose.

* probably my most hated word

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Jul 27 14 7:22 PM

My most hated word is probably 'actioned' (as in 'Can you action this paperwork please?' smiley: mad, surprisingly only used in a business context).

And I wouldn't go as far as calling it a 'rebranding', it's more just having different content in a similar presentation format, like comparing your beloved ITV output to what CITV would broadcast. Animation obviously gives a bit more scope as to what can be shown (a set only needs to be drawn, and pretty much anything can be shown if wanted without as many physical/'moral' limitations).

Anyway, in new news, people aware of both The Simpsons and Family Guy (two of the best-known and currently lowest-quality of the genre) can look forward to this animasplosion in the near future:

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Dec 29 16 7:51 PM

I don't know whether it was released in your country too, but in 1994, more or less in the USA World Cup period, the Italian national public channel broadcast an extremely interesting cartoon of 52 episodes ebout the history of the FIFA World Cup. I was aware of the existence of "I Ragazzi del Mundial" at that time, but I didn't follow it - I hazyly remembered the soundtrack and a couple of scenes. Now, thanks to Youtube, I managed to brush it up.

For example, at minute 5:36 of this video, it's possible to admire the famous header by Pelé in the 1970 final.

While here, at minute 4:07, it's possible to see the legendary goals by Diego Maradona to England in 1986.

And, why not, the unforgettable "scream" by Marco Tardelli in the 1982 final (minute 5:44).

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