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Sep 17 13 3:16 PM

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Hello. Has anyone in this forum know the date you will be the draw for the African Nations Cup 2015 which will be the competition system, nations will participate in the standings, etc?
On the website of C.A.F. no information about it and would like to know some aspects of it.
Thanks in advance.
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Jan 8 14 7:04 PM

Yes.  The dates are all FIFA dates for the group stage:

Preliminary round (6 teams with worst FIFA ranking - currently South Sudan, Eritrea, Comoros, Madagascar, Swaziland, Guinea-Bissau)
1st leg - 18–20 July 2014
2nd leg - 1–3 August 2014

Group stage (12 groups of 4 teams)
Matchday 1 - 5–6 September 2014
Matchday 2 - 10 September 2014
Matchday 3 - 10–11 October 2014
Matchday 4 - 15 October 2014
Matchday 5 - 14–15 November 2014
Matchday 6 - 19 November 2014

The BBC article is contradictory.

It says "Caf will meet on 24 January 2014 in Cape Town, South Africa to decide the the format for the qualifiers."

Then it goes on to give the format:

"The qualifiers are being sandwiched into a three-month period after the 2014 World Cup and are divided into a preliminary round and a group stage."

Personally, I think it would be better to have 15 groups of 3 teams playing home and away - and get rid of this "3 best runners-up" nonsense.

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Jan 9 14 12:19 AM

I like it. The teams (and fans) can focus more on the competition and the teams in it, and it will actually feel like a competition rather than a season. Might be an idea to do all continental qualifiers like this, including the Euros. Make best use of the FIFA dates.

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Jan 9 14 12:48 PM

One downside is that if any smaller association has a crisis with its stadiums/coaches/clubs/players, that is likely to kill its chances immediately.
Or if a player gets injured he might miss the whole campaign.

Oh well.

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Jan 27 14 6:43 PM

format changed::

It will start with 30 nations in the preliminary rounds  to decide seven countries who will advance to the group stages.

The other 21 nations of the 51 entrants have been given byes into the group stage.

The 28 nations will then be split into seven groups, with the top two in each pool and the best third-placed country qualifying for the finals along with hosts Morocco.

  • Automatically qualified for group stages: Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Burkina Faso, Mali, Tunisia, Algeria, Angola, Cape Verde, Togo, Egypt, South Africa, Cameroon, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Gabon, Niger, Guinea, Senegal, Sudan
  • Teams in preliminary qualifiers: Libya, Equatorial Guinea, Botswana, Malawi, Uganda, Mozambique, Benin, Sierra Leone, Congo, CAR, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Liberia, Gambia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Namibia, Burundi, Lesotho, Guinea Bissau, Madagascar, Chad, Sao Tome, Seychelles, Comoros, Mauritius, Swaziland, Eritrea, Mauritania, South Sudan

A ranking system based on the past three Nations Cups and 2014 World Cup qualifying determined the 21 nations who qualified automatically for the group phase.

The preliminary rounds of the qualifying process will be played between May and August, with the final phase taking place from 5 September until 26 November.

The draw has been moved once again and will now take place on 27 April in Cairo, Egypt and not in Morocco as previously announced.

 Source: BBC

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Jan 27 14 6:54 PM

30 nations to produce 7 teams in the preliminary rounds. Not sure how they are going to do that. Will there be a preliminary group stage?

I can see these as 2 possible solutions:
Pre-preliminary round (4 teams)
1st Preliminary Round (28 teams)
2nd Preliminary Round (14 teams)

Pre-Preliminary Round (4 teams)
Preliminary Round (4 groups of 7 teams)

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Jan 27 14 7:46 PM

how can preliminary groups fit in an international match calender...? I suppose direct elimination will be the case....They will still need 6 match days with 7 groups of 4 so why did they change the format?

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Jan 28 14 1:18 PM

If we go by the original dates, the final qualifying round (14 teams -> 7 teams) should be in July/August:

1st leg - 18–20 July 2014
2nd leg - 1–3 August 2014

I imagine there will be a pre-preliminary round in May (the 4 lowest-ranked teams) and so the Preliminary Round (28 teams -> 14 teams) will probably be in June.

From the list provided by CAF, the 4 worst teams should be South Sudan, Eritrea, Mauritania and Mauritius (Mauritius are tied with Swaziland and Comoros, but had the worst record of the 3 teams in the 2012 qualifiers).  I would imagine it would make logistical sense to keep Mauritania and Mauritius apart due to the travel involved.

Non-entrants: Djibouti, Somalia

Pre-Preliminary Round (4 teams): South Sudan, Eritrea, Mauritania, Mauritius

Preliminary Round (28 teams): SEEDED:  Gambia, Liberia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic, Congo, Sierra Leone, Benin, Mozambique, Uganda, Malawi, Botswana, Equatorial Guinea, Libya
UNSEEDED: 2 winners from Pre-Preliminary Round, Swaziland, Comoros, Seychelles, São Tomé & Príncipe, Chad, Madagascar, Guinea-Bissau, Lesotho, Burundi, Namibia, Tanzania, Rwanda

Final Round (28 teams): 7 winners from 2nd Preliminary Round, Sudan, Senegal, Guinea, Niger, Gabon, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Cameroon, South Africa, Egypt, Togo, Cape Verde, Angola, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria

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Mar 12 14 1:12 PM

BBC: Malawi have been forced to withdraw from qualifying for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco because of a lack of funds.

I think for some countries 3 big competitions in 4 years (2X CAN and 1 WC) is to much

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Mar 13 14 1:57 PM

I agree - too many competitions.  As well as the CAN, we also have the CHAN. For teams like Malawi, 80-90% of the CAN national team will also play CHAN games.

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Mar 13 14 3:56 PM

a CAN every four years with qualifiers over two years would be more attractive  (like UEFA)

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