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Sep 18 13 9:25 PM

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The Tournament's Matches have been recently updated in RSSSF.
I compared those details with details from "Almanacco Illustrato del Calcio 1970 and 1971".
Unfortunately, dates in "Almanacco" are reported only by month and year.
Venues are the main contribution from "Almanacco", but I don't know how much reliable.
Here are the differences (not reported Matches are OK or not found in "Almanacco"):
               Match                        RSSSF                Almanacco
Morocco - Algeria                  Venue:  Agadir         Casablanca
Guinea - Togo                       4-0;   Venue: unk       4-1; Conakry
Togo - Guinea                ??.?? 1969; Venue: unk     May 1969; Lomè
Kenia-Tanzania                     Venue: unk                 Nairobi
Tanzania-Kenia                      Venue: unk               Dar-es-Salaam
Zambia-Mauritius           17.11.1968; Venue: unk   December 1968; Lusaka   
Ethiopia-Tanzania                   Venue: unk               Addis Abeba
Niger- Ghana                          Venue: unk              Niamey
Mali-Ivory Coast                     Venue: unk              Bamako
Ivory Coast-Mali                     Venue: unk              Abidjan
Guinea-Senegal                        Venue: unk             Conakry
Senegal-Guinea                        Venue: unk             Dakar
Zambia-Cameroon                   Venue: unk             Lusaka 

In addition: 
Mauritius- Zambia  2-3, Venue: unk   is reported :   3-2  at Port Louis. 
Score inconsistent with Zambia qualification to Round 2.  Venue????

And finally (just for information, because totally inconsistent):
Uganda vs Cameroon is reported
February 1969 at Kampala  Uganda-Cameroon 2-1
March 1969     at Kampala  Uganda-Cameroon 2-0

Neil. may I know your comments?  Thanks.  


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#1 [url]

Sep 19 13 1:36 AM

What I put on RSSSF is based on newspapers and other contemporary publications. I deliberately omitted cities if I hadn't been 100% sure. Also the dates (for which many wrong versions have been given, guessed or allocated randomly by somebody who sold data to FIFA, I suspect). You can see some of the sources I cited at the bottom of the file. More will be checked on my next visit to the library.

> Match RSSSF Almanacco
> Morocco - Algeria Venue: Agadir Casablanca
This match inaugurated the Stade Al Inbiaât, at Agadir

> Mauritius- Zambia 2-3, Venue: unk is reported : 3-2 at Port Louis.
> February 1969 at Kampala Uganda-Cameroon 2-1
I have seen the same alternative scores mentioned for both these games. They may be typos, but I will check in the library.

> Guinea - Togo 4-0; Venue: unk 4-1; Conakry
This one I don't know, I have only seen 4-0. I will try to confirm, but maybe there won't be a suitable newspaper in London.

> March 1969 at Kampala Uganda-Cameroon 2-0
Cameroon won 2-0 in their home leg.

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#2 [url]

Sep 20 13 5:07 PM

You're totally right about the wrong ("guessed") dates.

Go to African Nations Cup 1976 and find:
First Round
  Sudan-Kenya 1-0
28.09.75  Kenya-Sudan 0-2
Sudan qualified to :
Second Round
Tunisia-Sudan 3.2
16.08.75 Sudan-Tunisia 2-1 

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