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Oct 10 13 7:28 PM

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RSSSF gives for 1933:
[Oct 27]
Trinidad 1-1 Demerara

However, match reported:


(Canadian Press).—Trinidad played British Guiana the holders, to a one-goal draw in the second round of the Martinez Shield tournament in the presence of the Governor and Lady Hollis and a large crowd to-day. The weather was fine, but the ground heavy following a downpour of rain. Scorers: Bradshaw (Trinidad) and Mittelholzer (British Guiana).

Not sure what the "second round" refers to; either second matchday or second match of T&T.. - football internationals

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Sep 25 14 2:45 PM

For this from RSSSF:

in Demerara

No match results known

Final Table:

 1.Trinidad     3             -    4
 2.Demerara     3             -    2

First games was 1928-03-16
BG - TT 1-1 (Ivor Smith 80' / A. Daniel 10' pen)
Played at the BGFA ground Thomas Lands.

BTW. 21 Jul 1831 Demerara-Essequibo, and Berbice united as British Guiana. Hence it should be BG unless it was a regional selection only. - football internationals

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Sep 25 14 10:29 PM

From "The Daily Chronicle" (Georgetown), Saturday 7th March 1931.
"Special Sporting Section"
[There is an extensive preview of the teams and players for 1931, a photo of the 1928 teams and the Martinez shield, and a fairly detailed review of previous outings of Barbados, and previous visits between British Guiana and Trinidad.]
Excerpt from the latter:
 The year 1928 produced the greatest surprise of the series for the Martinez Shield.  Under H.Farrell, Trinidad sent what was admittedly a weak team and thar if ever, Trinidadians entertained some doubt as to whether they could return with the Shield.  Much to everyone's surprise, however, the team performed splendidly, and not only returned to Trinidad with the Shield, but did not taste a single defeat.  [then the list of players is given].  They played 9 games, won 5, drew 4, lost 0, scored 11 goals and had 3 against them.

Edit: I should add, I have not yet consulted the Guiana papers for the 1928 Martinez Shield, hence why I refer to this review published in 1931.
I may do so in future.

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Nov 2 14 9:13 PM

Full results for 1928.   Note that all matches involving Trinidad together comprised "The Intercolonial Tournament", but only the three Intercolony matches (BG vs Trinidad) were for the Martinez Shield.

All games played at the newly opened BGFA Ground at Pln. Thomas (aka Thomas Lands).

13/3/28 Artillery S.C.   0-1 Trinidad    (F.Farrell)
14/3/28 Victoria F.C. 0-1 Trinidad ( Coteau)
16/3/28 British Guiana 1-1 Trinidad (I.Smith / A.Daniel pen)
19/3/28 Corinthians F.C. 1-4 Trinidad (W.MacMillan / A.Kerr OG, K.Gibson, Coteau x2)
21/3/28 British Guiana 0-0 Trinidad
23/3/28 Artillery S.C. 1-1 Trinidad (L.Stokes / R.McLean)
26/3/28 B.G.F.C. 0-2 Trinidad (L.Carter, A.Daniel)
28/3/28 British Guiana 0-1 Trinidad (R.McLean)
29/3/28 Evertons F.C. 0-0 Trinidad

There were some other games of BG vs visiting ships (HMS Capetown and HMS Colombo) in the same period, which were not part of the tournament per se.

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Nov 3 14 5:51 PM

The BG team was often referred to Demerara in the Trinidad press, and occasionally even the Guiana press. Indeed often both labels would be used in the same article.
And as most of the information published online so far (by Barrie) has come from Trinidad sources and the Jamaica Gleaner, i think he wrote the names of the teams as they were in the sources.

But the association was the BGFA. So it was British Guiana (de jure, at least). In practice, it is likely that the team was an effective Demerara selection, with most or all players based there. I assume the BGFA would only select players from clubs affiliated to it, which were likely all based in/around Georgetown.

Berbice had a football association, and sometimes visiting teams played there. Indeed for this 1928 series, the Trinidad team was invited there to play against an All-Berbice team, but declined due to the busy schedule they already had.

Also as SDb notes above, the colony was British Guiana (formed in 1831 by a merger of previous colonies Demerara-Essequibo, and Berbice).
Also Trinidad and Tobago were two colonies until 1899 when they were combined.
Thus to be completely strict, any "Intercolonial" match would have to be British Guiana vs Trinidad & Tobago.
However, matches are in reality played by associations (or clubs) and not countries or colonies, so other labels are possible. BGFA vs TAFA.

In some of the earlier visits (pre WW1 say) the visits were made by (or arranged by) clubs rather than associations, so in those cases there would be more freedom to choose whatever name you want.
I have quite a lot of newspaper prints from these visits but I don't really have time to go through them all in detail at the moment.  Newspaper reports from this era are very long-winded (as am I) and write in small print, so they need careful reading without distractions.
If I ever do so, I will be sure to write all the exciting minutiae.

Meanwhile I could probably answer some specific questions if they are quick.

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