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Nov 11 13 3:26 PM

I told Andrei about the Double Dutch "Hadnball" situation, and he replied:
"my brother has noticed that 'The Times' has messed up their league tables more than once recently, including printing a table that had assumed that the big teams were all going to win their weekend matches"

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Nov 11 13 3:45 PM

This principle works for weather forecast tables, but not for league tables, I guess.

What makes the Handball table more dodgy is that it hasn't been updated since 2009. I guess their 'hadns' were tied. Nether mind.

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Nov 11 13 3:57 PM

Did you bring this to their attention?
Has there been a previously crap team which has had a good run of results in the last 4 years, which should be much higher in the real rankings?

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