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Oct 23 13 10:37 PM

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Hi all,

Can anybody help me to complete the missing dates from the list below.

CFU Congress


1st Congress:

2nd Congress:

3rd Congress:

4th Congress:

5th Congress:

6th Congress:

7th Congress:

8th Congress:

9th Congress:

10th Congress:

11th Congress:

12th Congress:

13th Congress:

14th Congress:

15th Congress:

16th Congress:

17th Congress:

18th Congress:

19th Congress:

20th Congress:

21st Congress:

22nd Congress:

23rd Congress:

24th Congress:

25th Congress:

26th Congress:

27th Congress:

28th Congress:

29th Congress:

30th Congress:

31st Congress:

32nd Congress:

33rd Congress: Port of Spain, 28 February 2010

34th Congress: Montego Bay, 15 February 2011

35th Congress:

36th Congress: Panama City, 18 April 2013

Extra-ordinary Congress


1st Extra-ordinary Congress:

2nd Extra-ordinary Congress:

3rd Extra-ordinary Congress:

4th Extra-ordinary Congress:

5th Extra-ordinary Congress:

6th Extra-ordinary Congress:

7th Extra-ordinary Congress:

8th Extra-ordinary Congress:

9th Extra-ordinary Congress:

10th Extra-ordinary Congress:

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#1 [url]

Nov 6 13 6:53 AM

Even the CFU don't know that.   You need a Trinidad newspaper archive.
Or if you can get hold of 'Jack' Warner's bank account statements, you're sure to trace the dates.

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