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Nov 23 13 12:21 AM

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The forum seems to be lacking a topic about general rants, beefs, gripes etc, and being such a bitter malevolent individual, I see it as my responsibility to change that.

My particular dislike, at this instant, is the use of the imperative in TV and radio trailers or advertisements.  I resent being instructed what to do by an electronic box.  I already own a sofa.  I don't want another one.  Stop telling me to buy one.  If I wanted to be given irrational orders every 20 minutes with no hope of recourse or right of reply, I'd get (another) girlfriend*.   And where would that leave the state of international football research !!11one
*[probably equivalent to a Rodney Dangerfield joke circa 1970]

The fact that they haven't even bothered to disguise their intentions using a subliminal message, which would at least show me some respect, but instead are directly insisting to me in plain English that I should buy this, or visit that, or invest in the other.   And it's not just commercial adverts - I almost never watch any TV anyway and listen only to BBC radio which has no commercials, but now BBC has more and more internal advertisements for itself or its own upcoming programmes.

Machines that tell people what to do.  I'm thinking of microwaves which beep endlessly when they're done, or fridges which protest about the door being left open for 30 seconds.  Computers which interrupt what you're doing to update themselves, then spend more than half the time hanging on the 99th percentile, and demand to be restarted.  You are tools, you are supposed to do as I bid.  Don't answer back.

Any form of telephone.  I like technology, when it works for me.  Not when it interrupts me and insists on attention like a crying baby.

Lowest common denominator news reporting.  Don't tell me that Geneva is in Switzerland.  I know that.  If I didn't know that, then most likely I wouldn't know where Switzerland was either.   Then you might as well say "a far away place in the mountains".

Simpleton news/sport/traffic/weather readers inserting their own opinions or ad-libs into the hourly news bulletins, or hanging around to join in with the main show.  You are not enlightened political commentators.  You are automaton drones who could easily be replaced by a Tonka toy.   Just read the news, then go back to your grotto for the next 58 minutes and be quiet.

Overheard this in a supermarket, between two checkout-staff   "Is this on buy one get one free"?   "No it's on two for t' price of one."   It's better if you imagine it in a nasal female Yorkshire accent.   No surprise they are being replaced by machines.

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Nov 23 13 2:14 PM

Good for you smiley: laugh, surprised a thread like this hadn't appeared earlier but I'm sure it will be a successful one. And that ends the positivity in this post.

- Any time an expensive piece of technology fails to do the most simple things that its predecessors managed... smiley: mad

- People who make no effort to even acknowledge other countries / cultures even when they are in said country ('Spanish package holidays' being the obvious example in Europe, bonus points for outrage at their host country / resort not 100% conforming to their expectations). These people then undoubtedly follow it up by bragging about how they are some exotic traveller for going smiley: indifferent.

- TABLOID media, period (even if it can make good comedy). Especially the way they block cap the most IMPORTANT parts of their 'stories', genuinely makes something like The Onion seem like the legitimate news source.

- Any smug celebrity back-patting (ties in with the above). Hear it in passing on certain reality contests where some unknown singer gets hero's praise for having 'worked hard all week' learning to do the tango or something. The only contest like that I can watch is a certain jungle-related one, at least you are watching these people put through (relative) hell for their appearance money. Which brings me onto something more 'topical' that has only come to my attention this week...

- Joey Essex. Probably a nice enough person, but how the hell he has become a 'celebrity' is beyond me (I've managed to pretty much avoid the 'reality' show he comes from for years, but the reputation it brings to the county I live in still exists smiley: eyes), sums up everything wrong with 'pop culture'. It seems like he's only come into this world to be the illustration of 'too dumb to live'.

That's me done for now, someone else can have a go.

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Nov 24 13 9:55 AM

Cheer up, Neil and Matt: Silvio Berlusconi's TV channels are even worse. Not only they keep bombarding us with advertising campaigns and spots (that's normal, as they are commercial televisions), but they are also instruments of political propaganda in favour of him and of his lobbies. That's why this guy always wins the Italian elections...

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Nov 24 13 12:33 PM

Ouch, the previously-mentioned tabloid media would explode if anything like that happened involving our candidates... and that's ignoring the fact that many outlets have agendas of their own...

And going from what I've read so far I'd actually consider us (myself and Neil) as two of the least rage-filled ranters to live on these isles. Can't say whether this extends to Italy, but we live in a place where the loud and angry have to have their opinion, no matter how mindless/uninformed/ineffective/unrealistic it is, and unfortunately 'loud = heard' by the media. This can extend to sport, I made the mistake of tuning into 5 minutes of BBC's '606' radio show on a 'Premier League weekend' once... smiley: eek

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Nov 24 13 1:06 PM

Yes of course, but at least this is well known and it is hardly subtle. You cannot really blame the leaders for trying this brainwashing if it works ;-) Most people do not necessarily have the time, energy, or curiosity to question what they are told. The "system" needs to be better at blocking these options. And the opposition needs to put their case better and put up a good enough alternative.

I was thinking earlier about only very mundane annoyances, but if we are allowed to include politics and so on, then it's a different game!

The failure of anybody to intervene in Syria in any significant way (destroying chemical weapons, eventually, is irrelevant when guns and bombs are still used).
The failure to establish strict carbon emissions restrictions which won't be ignored, particularly by China and India.
The failure of the international community to improve conditions for women and girls in places like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan...

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Nov 24 13 7:26 PM


*Faints (subject of forum was too broad and I fused my brain trying to piece together accumulative bitterness hewn from the rock of unspent angst).

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#6 [url]

Nov 24 13 8:40 PM

*Awakens to the pleasant odour of smelling salts.

I could write a thousand things about my dealings with FIFA, but I might be fined $50,000 if I do so...

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#7 [url]

Nov 24 13 11:45 PM

Ah but in Swiss Francs. All we need to do is bankrupt the Swiss economy to bring FIFA to its knees. Everybody stop buying cuckoo clocks and Toblerones.

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Nov 27 13 4:24 AM

Unserendipitous coincidences of bad timing. (Sod's Law)

Such as your car failing to start on the one day that you're in a rush and haven't got time to take a train.

Or, for example, the fact that the forum suddenly becomes full of adverts just after I opened the rant topic on that very subject.

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Nov 28 13 4:26 PM

There is an advert on this thread which is just a foam glove with 'go you' written on and it seems to be pointing towards a railway track.

What does this mean?

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#12 [url]

Nov 28 13 5:07 PM

I just got a 'Roxio Game Capture Pro' and a '3 Steps to a quicker PC', nice to see it diversified smiley: indifferent.

I've actually seen the 'go you' thing on trains recently, except they replaced 'you' with a woman called Zoe wearing the foam finger. Think it was something to do with advanced bookings on tickets. Hooray for finding deals online!

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#14 [url]

Nov 29 13 9:46 PM

Strange. I mucked about with the admin settings but couldn't make them go away.

TheRoonBa wrote:
I'm not seeing any ads at all. That's because I am devoid of interest in anything, clearly. Boo! Down with everything!

Obviously the commercial sector's customer profiling system has decided that you already have everything you could conceivably need or want, so there is no need to attempt to procure your custom.  In essence, you have achieved consumer nirvana, and we all aspire to your example.

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#15 [url]

Nov 29 13 11:05 PM

I do have Avast! antivirus running, which gets rid of a lot of popups and other things. Perhaps that is why.

I could probably do with ONE MORE BEER than I have at the moment... *waits for beer ads to pop up furiously...

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#19 [url]

Nov 30 13 9:24 PM

I'd settle for a lickable screensaver made of beer particles.

This forum is meant to be about rants, gripes and beefs.  Now we are discussing our desires.

I hate it when forums lose track of their origins and morph into something else.  Aaargh!  Down with forums.

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#20 [url]

Dec 12 13 8:35 PM

Taking it back on track: I remembered something that happened to me a month ago that would fit here - when people lead you on with false hope when they know nothing will happen. For context, my example is a job interview I went to, arrived a few minutes late (admittedly an unforgivable mistake but not completely my fault), and apologised immediately at reception to be told by the manager something along the lines of "Don't worry, it's fine, we didn't know you were coming until half an hour ago". Then went ahead with the interview and thought it went fine, only to call back the next day to be told I hadn't got the job, mainly because I was late smiley: ohwell.

Also, Google Maps. I was on time to that interview, just at an address I'd been given that was at the end of the road from where I was supposed to be... smiley: mad. I'd honestly have preferred to be told directly about their problem with me straight away - at least then I could have explained myself or if not just save half an hour of everyone's time.

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