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Apr 27 17 9:20 PM

nfm24 wrote:
If anything, Corbyn should dodge it too in case he gets even more hammered by the smaller parties.
As if by magic...

On the one hand you have a point from his view, on the other it was still a chance to boost his own popularity if he shows up and May doesn't. All this does is take a lot more of the sting out of any headlines that come from the remaining people involved, the diminished TV debates will only be contested by parties labelled as irrelevant therefore continuing the vicious 2-party cycle and oooohh... dick move Corbyn, he was doing relatively well until then too.

I still think they may fold to public pressure, but if May was the only one absent they could have all (apart from UKIP) made a pact to target her empty chair at every possible opportunity rather than going after eachother like she probably wants, would have been a nice leveller.