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Neues Deutschland, Monday 12 Mar 1984
 On Wednesday an Oberliga-Auswahl plays in Kuwait. Coach Hans Meyer.
 Players: Jakubowski, Weißflog, Dörner, Schnuphase, Trautmann, Uhlig, Sänger, Liebers, Steinbach, Häfner, Winter, Wittke, Bielau, Streich, Mothes, Romstedt.

Neues Deutschland, Thur 15 Mar 1984    + Neue Zeit  Fri 16 Mar 1984
 An Oberligaauswahl (League selection) of DDR won on Wednesday in Kuwait City vs the Kuwait national team by 2-1 (HT 0-0).
 Goals: Faisal 68' / Lieber 71' pen, Mothes 89'
 DDR: Jörg Weißflog; Hans-Jürgen Dörner; Andreas Trautmann, Frank Uhlig, Carsten Sänger; Reinhard Häfner (Axel Wittke 75'),
  Andreas Winter (Matthias Liebers 46'), Wolfgang Steinbach; Andreas Bielau (Armin Romstedt 60'), Joachim Streich, Harald Mothes.
 The DDR Olympic team has lost its last warmup game in Tapolca vs Hungary Olympic 4-1. It is preparing for 4th April vs Poland in Szczecin.
 Goals: Szabo 21', Nagy 85', Dajka 87' 88' / Döschner 8'. Crowd 3000
 DDR: Müller; Stahmann; Kreer, Trieloff, Schößler; Pilz, Raab (Neuhäuser 46'), Backs (Wunderlich 56'), A.Schulz; Minge (Richter 65'), Döschner.
 Youth match (U17) in Blankenburg/Harz: DDR 2-0 Hungary (Winkler 12', Ciechowski 14')
 U18 match in Hettstedt: DDR 2-2 Bulgaria (Marschall 18', Lindner 66' pen / Balakov 5', Lordev 29') 
 U16 match in Anklam, DDR 0-0 Switzerland  [lineups given for all these also]

Neues Deutschland, Fri 16 Mar 1984
 The Oberligaauswahl of DDR on Wednesday won 2-1 in Kuwait City vs the host national team at Arabi Stadium. Crowd about 8000. Local referee.   The Kuwait Association had invited the DDR team for this game. Why was this game not actually discharged as an international match?   From DFV General Secretary Karl Zimmermann: both sides wished to play only a friendly match without international character.
 The Kuwaitis have a February break in their league at the moment. Their new Brazilian coach Lopes wanted a preparation game for his World Cup Qualification beginning in May.