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May 30 07 10:45 PM

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It is incredible how Fifa is going to condem so many cities and countries especially from South America which are 2500 m of altitude. All has come up only because of the pressure of Brasil, Argentina and Uruguay. It is also ridiculous because is this is aprobed then it could be done the same with the hot temperature, rain, snow, etc. And also if that happend it should be done the same not only with football but with every sport. Imagine that neither of these cities could never organized any international games or tournament, and also many teams are not going to be able to play at home in cups like Libertadores and Sudamericana. Bogota, Quto, Cusco, Toluca, La Paz and so other cities are going to be excluded from football only because of the intention of a full to eliminate their legitimate adventages.
These directives from these countries are pushing this measure only because of the intention of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru for playing in the high. It is known how, because of the power of the directives from Uruguay, Argentina and Brasil, they had manipuled FIFA and Conmebol in favour for their interest but now they had reached an extreme and the other countries should orgainze and threat to not play Copa America.
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May 31 07 12:26 PM

I thought it was a serious risk to players health to play at high altitudes and i think it was only international matches which were banned from being played above 2500 metres above sea level.

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May 31 07 3:06 PM

Of course player are affected while playing in the high but at the same way they are affected while playing in hot or cold temperatures. More than 60 years Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia have been playing in La paz, Quito and Bogota and never a player has die because of the high. By the other hand many have died because of hot temperatures. All this is an absurd created especially by Brasil, all because Brasil and Argentina teams are not seen now in South America has such powers in football as before. Because Argentina is now confronting some decline in his local football. Because Uruguay would have serious difficulties in qualifying to the next world cup. And because we have the experience of Ecuador who has qualify to the last world cups especially by their points in local matches.
This is a problem that in Europe is not seen and you would think that is normal to stop playing in the high. But you have to know the real factors that made this decision to come and how such many countries would be in serious problems because of the exclusion in football. How can you exclude Bolivia for playing football, their important cities La Paz, Cochabamba, Sucre, Oruro and Potosí are above 2500 m, their only important city able would be Santa Cruz. Is like if you said England was now only to be able to play football in Liverpool not only for England matches but for UEFA Champions Leage and UEFA Cup.
This ban is the same as if Fifa said no more matches in cold temperatures so imagine how many countries in Europe would be excluded: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, etc.
FIFA confirmed that no international matches at all could be played in the high. including clubs tournament. No Fifa qualifying , no Copa Libertadores, no Copa Sudamericana , No Copa America, etc.

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May 31 07 4:28 PM

I agree it is a very discriminatory rule. There has been years that Brasil never won in La paz but the last 15 years with better medical and physical preparation , they had few problems playing there... I hope the protest will help to overrule this new rule...

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May 31 07 7:56 PM

Any question of the form "Why did FIFA...?" or "Shouldn't FIFA..... ?" has a very simple explanation.

FIFA are idiots. We didn't need this latest example to discover that.

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May 31 07 9:18 PM

Well we all know FIFA is corrupt one guy spoke out against it and lost his job it shows how FIFA works. And I think FIFA may come to there senses when they see nations and clubs that can't play.

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Jun 28 07 1:25 PM

FIFA have relaxed the rule for altitude after COMMEMBOL complained meaning some capitals get international football back. I think it is 2500 or less you can play at now.

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Jun 29 07 3:34 PM

International games can be played at 3000 or below but after Sepp Blater met the president of Bolivia he is having a rethink and the rules might be changed again so games can be played in the capital. Which will mean all countries can play games in there capital cities.

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Jul 6 07 6:00 PM

Yes, and then ban all African sides from playing at +30 C.And Russia for playing below 0 C.And Bangladesh & Viet Nam for the high humidity.What about Nepal?
FIFA's bureaucratic parasites could go outer space i'm afraid.Ruled by people that never PLAYED the bloody game...

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