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Apr 30 14 8:50 PM

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Thanks to the Morgunbladid link Luca gave this Icelandic newspaper is easy accessable now. Unfortunately I am not able to link the specific page regarding the matches, so I mention where the reports are to find:

29-07-1959 Faroe Isles 2-5 Iceland B see 30 Jul. page 18
03-08-1962 Iceland B 10-0 Faroe Isles see 4 Aug. page 18 & 20
19-07-1964 Faroe Isles 1-3 Iceland B see 21 Jul. page 22
21-07-1967 Iceland B 2-1 Faroe Isles see 22 Jul. page 26
21-07-1968 Faroe Isles 0-3 Iceland B see 23 Jul. page 26

Probably there is someone who can translate this.

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#1 [url]

May 1 14 8:55 AM

If you want to link the specific pages, you just have to click PDF under the sentence Skoða í nýjum glugga.

If you want to translate them, you have to click TXT beside the word Blaðsíða, then copy it and paste it on Google Translate.

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#3 [url]

May 1 14 9:25 AM

Report of the 1959 match:

B - Icelandic national team won
A point Fœreyja 5-2
LJikurinn was köílum
between speed and good game
B - LANDSLH ) fslands football national team defeated the Faroe Islands. Today's 5 goals against second game was part of Olav Vaka - festival that began today. Although there was no opening ceremony was but the timeout stúdínur came into the field with his arms full of
flowers and fserðu Icelandic boys. This is the first B - internationals who lsland goes . he went
out in good weather and the audience was over 3000.
/ The game was playful and Iceland scored goals Bjorn Helgason from Isafjordur 2 Högni
Gunnlaugsson Keflavík 2 and Gudmundur Oskarsson Up one .
The game took place on separate Gravel pitch began with an attack of part Færeylnganna . but soon
revealed that the technology had ableeyska take little or no , but players were quick and
hard . Early in the game þófkenndur but good sprints in between. fsland took the lead in goals -
after about 24 minutes. scored then Björn Helgason. But Adam was not long in Paradise. Notice had been floated
to return to the game but the Faroes - tion attended were fixed angle - and thrust of the horn -
keeper had they scored target directly.

| K fsland closer initiative A 27 min. Game scores were Guðmar . Oskarsson goal ob-
Set hátðahöldin on Saturdays day evening with football
competition between the inhabitants had and Hard . On Sunday verðnr
fimleikasýning , inhabitants had , ice national champions in handball ,
Locals compete with - and reject - fjord bottoms play a second time with the Is-
firðinga football . - Dancing will both evenings in agreement town houses .
Akureyri land and then reached Isl. full team grasp of the game. adds
Björn Helgason third goal ob- a country with a 41 min. by the game

Yet Faroese played defense in attack in the final minutes Half-time ins they had not scored and
half smelled the 3 mörx against time. ý_i « ^ # . - ^ r Two Isl. limit additional Is 17 min. into the second
half scoring Högni Gunn - pool man and two minutes he scored the fifth goal Iceland on a beautiful riot .
After this was achieved excellence "fell Game " and the The pads were in the center of the field . but
the end moved back lot f the earth in the last minutes were entertaining. Is 6 min. was to end the
Faroese scored his second goal. Scored the Pauli Nolsöe after Harri had spent solid shot but missed the ball from
We prefer team office was strikers Baldur Schev - ing, Björn Helgason and God - Gudmundur Oskarsson . were they
mainstay of the team and had significant role in the development the game is led to this Faroe Islands team was get some
right útherjinn Torstein Magnusson very fast preman.

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#4 [url]

May 1 14 9:33 AM

Report of the 1962 match

siendingar höfoii superior
Wrought Faroese 10:0
STÓSIGTJR Icelandic B - country team's 10 goals over the Faroe Islands against nothing. score after the first half -
market - len i passed 8 goals of f yogurt goals in the last 5 minutes. I have never judged equally modest game said dóir.trinn Haukw * OSK
arsscn s game. Ene In. "; a spyrr.a judged the Faroese national team . Thorstein Magnusen vkistri útherji Færeyinga was among the best
man on the pitch. The first land ^ ' Ituri Færeyinga on Icelandic soil began without any ceremony in Lau - dardalur with the captain of Faroese -
hcii '; Worms Skeggj ^ ni for office items and beautiful bouquet then the referee blew the whistle and The game began.

After the first minute of the game created the eldjnöggi Tborst - yesterday after retire at ters of the agreement in both one Magnúsen , ^ is a good device -
ies . | Chances, but his fiscal was too loose One can expect fair weather south of Heigl and Geir spent . fslenzka team began welcome. • _ -i blame and Baldur did i chances but shot framlhjá. first Iceland was the target of 7 min. Ell - have played a völlinii gave the ball to Ing'vars that se. -li for target
Id Sktila , the Z' - ioiaði c . basis. Beautiful goal for Knot enters from manmi to n . NNS. Faroese reached góðuoi up- (running on the left ' where

good opportunities to score . Thor - Stone gave a good goal but Eyvind Dan 's shot struck the fang Geir mark concerned.
Offensive Icelandic team hardened as soon as the match 37 min. scored Þórður Jon - son after a good pass from Debt. And now came
the limit
establishing a conveyor. Ellert head untenable from corner Thord Jonsson. Defense Faroese weakened and Thord -
disrupted easily pass úthlaup spirit Target. Þórður takes a corner, the ball goes to Baldur, which should be a target , but is there Ellert is well - located
ing , and in the corner. Things is 6:0 and still keep mö.rkin coming . Ingvar places ideal for Thord Jonsson sent
s þrumuskot in bláhornið , Bald -

The match was broadcast to all of the. Arge broadcasting in Faroe announced Ieiknum . / ^ " One Ai the indefensible. , ing places the ball for Ellert ,
that scores untenable for target man and half ends. Eight goals against nothing. Second half was much equal. It certainly was a game ob-
lenzka team's carelessness bearings and the sections were observed by a high - one game einátakra leilkmanna . but Faroe Islands were also beginning to
realizing the pitch was nowhere near as nervous and in the first half. Mark fslands was not until and 13 min. but then scored Scott
tion of the partially crowd of men for Faroese front of the goal and 42 min. second half scoring Baldur Scheving 10th and last mark Icelandic team.

This game was a gentlemanly man - Orientation played by both parties. - Dómarirm Hawk Oskarsson had a nice day. It will, as
examples in the cap that no extra-kick shall be awarded to another team - TY first kick at the ice-landings was not until the 30th
min. second half. team Færeyiniga was Thorsfceinn Magnusson langibeziti Mad-"^ J ^ ( Ljósm. Mbl . Sveinn Þornj . )
instrument and he even miundi a modestly successful national team Icelanders analyzes. He has excellent ball-handling and speed is adulterous -
Orientation great. Thor directed by B - 36 is competing in Keflavik last year and it seemed to have been much progress since. other
best- man team Færeyinga Rasmussen was the goalkeeper. it necessary if VIII strange heels man who must apply KNOT -
In ten sinnumi in the network, but it In fact, most of the boundaries were untenable and often defended him - Burda well.

The team seemed to think sikorta pre-method. Einkuim was áiberandi realized what forces were reluctant to affinity back to help Vonn
until the officers were also reluctant to follow after the attacks. We created this blank, Seim did íslendinguim facilitated one
employ all centered Vail surface. Despite the defeat Miika cousins ​​gave not up but fought bravely and prúðmannlega even too gentlemanly -
human until leiiksloka . If they þöklk for coming. This game was lightweight fyrif fslenzka B - squad . The team lélc often successful,
especially in the earlier bálfleik,
end was mótspyrnan not high. Until The guards were all good game and also the sector in the past .
Of strikers bar most EU- are Schram as Thor Jonsson. Stout had to be seen and Ingvar lacked ball handling but not sufficient

The name Ellert Schram is mentioned. He used to be a regular in Iceland NT in the 1961-1970 era. Thor Johnson may refer to Thordhur Jóhnson.

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#5 [url]

May 1 14 9:37 AM

Report of the 1964 match:

B - squad won
Faroe Islands with 3:1
Icelandic B - squad - ball . so late to the Faroe Islands to suspend keeper won landlið Faroese had two internationals Sunday 3 hours limits and went forward at the game. Skúli Ágústsson from Field. Ice brought penny . team leadership me8 extent in the mid- first hálfleilc
and was 1-0 in hléL The second half was fun « Ugrian what touches goals scored Kari Arnason from Akureyri di »
Highways and Faroese scored 1 goal , such results xu - foam 3-1. This is the third time that B - Iceland national team game by country
fluid Faroe Islands. last year came Faroe eying here and won the iceland with 10-0 celebrations.

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#6 [url]

May 1 14 9:39 AM

Report of the 1967 edition.

B - Speaking won
The game was just as - Combination Ice . Mouse Light
turned out badly - Faroese came as a surprise
B - squad fslands attended the golden fists in the Faroe Islands in landgame last night, although they won by two goals
against time. Can Faroese man was a pleasant surprise , and have been enormous advances in football in the islands since
American people defeated them at home with 10:0. About Icelandic national team is it goes to say, that has hardly been seen in the faint tic úrvalslið Laugardalsvellinum , and set up the team outright absurd. Team members played most or all- s far below capacity, and is Aonton
Bjarnason only mention merit - man , although beginning with him was bad.

From running game The first 15 min of the game were dramatic little except the obvious was planned to Faroe Islands
sell themselves expensive. They were always quicker on the ball , and often could see in the Renown samleik . On
However , they had not his technical with most Islas ding ana. skills, which is barely Rock that. A few minutes later
Rescue Jógvan Johansen, goalkeeper, very successful on-line defense from liability.

~ k aligned
Finally at 3'5 . min recovered as icelanding. Skúli got the ball right ends Faroe Islands - and gave well for Helga
Númason , who headed into the goal. A minute later able Baldur Scheving the ball in very good opportunity, but fired over . more remarkable
did not happen in the first half. what The previous mark of Icelanders , Weekend Númason (second from left ), the over goalkeeper for hid -
Orientation for consignment must Ágústsson . - ( Ljósm. : Sv . Dare . ) It was the Faroe Islands scored the first goal , and korci
it at 17 min. Right insider - a , Andreas Michelsen , played very pleasant two defense Iceland defensive players pass Sigurd , who came out of
goal. To this point shifted over- urlítill power of the Icelandic team - TY , and about a minute later Skúli Ágústsson shot from an open
| K muted increases

Second half was still fainter than the fyrfi and underactive - memory. Faroese were still remains much to freshen the Islanding worlds , but the riot of were not tiltakanlega risk strönduðu leg and most of the Pythons. Icelanders find a winner 8 min. Baldur Scheving starred holding the ball up the pitch center the penalty area , where he played

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#7 [url]

May 1 14 9:41 AM

Report of the 1968 edition.

Reinforced B - team Islands
worked in the Faroe Islands 3-0

The victory was too big w / DODVIB how the game It went all will get the ball -Very powerful men Færeyjaferðar and to play against the national team of the Faroe island. There had B - squad - fscountry to go, ie they are not had some play in the A- iand-team . Speak had been covered 30 men had llBamþykktað
leave. Was then to fill in the gap ið'með two A - soldiers Johannes Atlasyni and Guðni Kjartansson.

The game in the Faroe Islands on Sunday day was rather weak and pads tips. Icelanders took triumph , 3 goals against
nothing. All boundaries were scored in first part of the second half. sigur fslands was deserved, but too large compared with the start of the game.
First half was According Sigurdur Sigurdsson as described the game on the radio, very fullest tips and little of significance - range.
Early sðari half-score erty Lily Markan útherji mark directly from a corner kick , very low-Orientation done. A little . Whereupon Björn Lárusson beats target of close range after a transmission Pure Elliðason and Gunnar Felixson drove finalize the check -instrument , he discovered a one - for the defense and fired past Faroese goalkeeper who ran out against.

Both teams were on the open and dangerous opportunities , led bi roads would receive little to Faroese scored. They found out very good chance straight at goal Kjartan guard and shot past also from very good chance. The difference between the teams was all not as great as Score suggests, but fslendingarn s is determined it came to wrapping up the UPD > gel -

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#9 [url]

May 2 14 11:46 AM

How about this one:  ý_i « ^ # . - ^ r ?

Or this paragraph? Icelandic B - country team's 10 goals over the Faroe Islands against nothing. score after the first half -
market - len i passed 8 goals of f yogurt goals in the last 5 minutes. I have never judged equally modest game said dóir.trinn Haukw * OSK
arsscn s game. Ene In. "; a spyrr.a judged the Faroese national team . Thorstein Magnusen vkistri útherji Færeyinga was among the best
man on the pitch. The first land ^ ' Ituri Færeyinga on Icelandic soil began without any ceremony in Lau - dardalur with the captain of Faroese -
hcii '; Worms Skeggj ^ ni for office items and beautiful bouquet then the referee blew the whistle and The game began.

My favourite missing part: the line ups of both teams. I see in the 1968 edition Iceland fielded at least two experienced A-NT players, but I am still wondering why they fielded a B-team. In the 1959-1968 years Iceland hardly played international matches.

Nevertheless, what I like most on the articles that are the pictures, so these matches got something like a face.

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#10 [url]

May 3 14 7:17 PM

Some lineups are on 11v11 : e.g.

Just to check whether you guys know that the Tímarit website has more newspapers, including some from the Faroes (and Greenland).

Though I haven't checked if there many titles covering the relevant years.

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