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May 14 14 6:59 AM

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Just a quick note to point out the correct date of this match (Uruguay 4-0 Bolivia in 1967) was on 13th January, and not 17th January which is widely reported online and even in many books.  This typo must have been made decades ago.

Whenever I find a typo like this, I find it interesting to try and trace it back and see which books/sources inherited the mistake:

"La Epopeya del futbol Boliviano" (Carlos Mesa Gisbert)  gives 13th.
Hockings "South American Cups" gives 13th
"Historia de la Copa América" (Conmebol, ed Roberto Mamrud) gives 13th
FIFA News No. 49 also gave 13th.

"International Football in South America" (Miguel Angel Bestard) gives 13th under Bolivia, but 17th under Uruguay
Guy Oliver's books give 17th
Michael Robinson's international lineups series give 17th
FIFA website (as of 14-5-14) gives 17th
RSSSF pages (as of 14-5-14) gives 17th
Most online lists and databases give 17th

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May 14 14 9:33 AM

True. At least three other sources confirm January 13.

Corriere dello Sport (Italy)


O Estado de São Paulo (Brazil) from January 15, reports "O Uruguai derrotou a Bolívia por 4 a 0 anteontem à noite" that is to say "Uruguay defeated Bolivia 4-0 the night before last".

Folha de São Paulo (Brazil) from January 15 has an article written on January 14 declaring "Quinze mil pessoas compareceram ontem à noite ao Estadio Centenario para ver o Uruguai derrotar a Bolívia por 4 a 0" that is to say "Almost 15,000 people were present yesterday evening at the 4-0 success of Uruguay versus Bolivia".

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May 14 14 11:49 AM

Yes indeed, newspapers from the time will always give you the correct date, or could be at most one day out.
I was trying to figure out who first made the mistake (and then so many people copied it).

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