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May 28 15 7:39 PM

Fast Midfielder wrote:

If JEC will ever make a tour to Holland they should play both PEC (Zwolle) and NEC.
NEC?? N.E.C. you mean! Or like a true N.E.C. fan would explain to you: "Your nec(k) is over there" (pointing at his neck), "N.E.C. is over here!" (pointing at his heart)... ;-)
There is one exception: when NEC plays vs NAC, you're allowed to say "NEC - NAC"...


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May 29 15 6:27 PM

Good. Blatter is back in. This is the best chance of clearing up all the corruption - without him the incentive is lower for authorities outside football to get involved, which is exactly what is needed. The few honest football administrators and FAs aren't going to really achieve anything on their own.

Even if Blatter lost or resigned, there would still be 130+ FIFA delegates there who would have been prepared to vote for him - these are the people that need cleaned out. Greedy self-interested immoral bureaucrats. Those are the voters. Blatter, hateable as he is, exists only because there is a demand for what he can supply, and because an ideal system exists for him to exploit. When you get a corrupt politician, it is really the fault of the voters, and the fault of the system. Because there are always crooks.

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#25 [url]

May 29 15 11:55 PM

nfm24 wrote:
Good. Blatter is back in.
You're surprisingly good at this 'glass half-full' business smiley: smile. Best I could offer is "Football still exists".

The incentive to make a 'big play' as the Americans call it might be lower without him, but I was under the impression that this investigation has been many years in the making and they are going to question people regardless of whether they are in a job or not. Although I also thought that the FBI timed their raid right before the vote to try and get some knee-jerk decisions going and sweep in on the confusion as the catalyst for more change, but the accused seem to have held strong for this round... well played smiley: indifferent.

I've said it before (maybe not here), but I'd infinitely prefer the way FIFA is set up (on paper at the very least), than a hypothetical where football is governed by the 'big clubs'. England's 'next great hope', The Hurrikane is in Australia right now ready to play a post-season friendly against Sydney FC, and Tottenham Hotspur were very vocal about not wanting him to attend the European U-21 Championships this summer because of that trip and how any more football may 'tire him out' for next season, as opposed to a shirt-selling jaunt on the other side of the planet smiley: mad. If they had the power they'd probably have used it to shut down the tournament to be on the safe side... smiley: eyes

On the FBI investigation, though, I think it will eventually end with the discovery that most of the money surrounding FIFA came via a 'legal' source - from the Monetary Utilising Gaming Sector who purchase packs of virtual player cards for their FIFA Ultimate Teams... aaaaaand we're back on topic smiley: wink.

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#26 [url]

May 30 15 7:04 PM

Perhaps video games would be more realistic if halfway through a game of "FIFA 16" the FBI break into your house and confiscate the playstation as evidence.

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Dec 7 15 9:57 PM

Did anybody else watch Panorama on BBC 1 tonight with Andrew Jennings? Classic.

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