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Jun 2 07 10:36 AM

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Laos, Philippines and Brunei Darussalam are the only Asian sides not to have entered the qualifying competition for South Africa 2010.


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Jun 2 07 11:01 PM

FIFA probably made a mistake. They have been doing a lot of work to put the new website online, and have made a few other mistakes with country names, etc (Cook Island, Guam Island, Republic of Guinea, Yemen Republic, Kirghizistan are all either spelled wrong or are not the correct name (no need for "Republic" in either of those team names). Also, they say that 52 European countries will take part in qualifying, but actually, there will be 53 with Montenegro's participation.

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Jun 4 07 12:20 AM

But will it be 52 after they remove the world cup from South Africa and give it to Italy/England ?

It will be a shame if Philippines didn't enter, they were doing better after including a few European ringers.

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Sep 16 07 4:20 PM

Why did they have to get special acceptance? Normally every FIFA member is free to enrol whenever they want...

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Sep 16 07 9:57 PM

First they did not want to participate , then they changed their mind and FIFA/AFC let them in again .

Now they will not participate and withdrew from the qualifiers after the draw.

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Mar 13 15 5:24 PM

Fast-forward 8 years, and Bhutan have now made their Qualifying debut, winning 1-0 away to Sri Lanka in the AFC 1st Round 1st Leg. This result will see them leave the bottom of the FIFA World Rankings next month like San Marino and Montserrat have done before them, no chance of 'The Other Final' being repeated with the same teams in 2018...

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Mar 13 15 9:50 PM

The result Taiwan 0-1 Brunei also stood out.
The FIFA rankings are basically meaningless at that level, for teams which do not play frequently.
Anyway, South Asian football standard is remarkably poor across the board.

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Mar 14 15 4:58 AM

can they afford expenses for group stage?

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