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Jun 16 14 9:55 AM

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Does somebody know what kind of Danish Team played Merdeka Tnmt in 1991?
In RSSSF,  Denmark Olympic is listed, but in
nothing is recorded ( no Liga Team, no Under age Team).
May be a Club Team?  
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#2 [url]

Jun 17 14 9:44 AM

The following website seems to suggest the Danish Olympic team.
Keep in mind that the 1992 Olympic Tournament was reserved to players born on or after the day 01-08-1969, without "overages".
Source: the official FIFA's circulars.

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#3 [url]

Jun 17 14 3:08 PM

Thanks for the Chinese link.
Denmark fielded an Olympic (Under 23) Team, similarly to most of the other Countries, in Merdeka Tnmts.
What I don't understand is why that Team is not listed in Danish Site.  

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