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Jul 10 14 9:23 PM

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A bit of random link-surfing led me onto this unusual tournament, where 3 of the 6 teams involved were regional representatives, including India North, India South, and Western Australia (from Oceania along with winners Taiwan/Chinese Taipei), something unique even for the era of that tournament. And apparently many 'walkover' matches. Any story behind all this?
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Jul 11 14 6:31 PM

I found a few of the scores for this from my own research.

1) - The Wikipedia article doesn't match the article it uses as a source (RSSSF).
2) - The matches were not walkovers (the scores are just unknown). Not sure what prompted the Wikipedia article writer to guess that they were walkovers.  In any case, there are scores on RSSSF for some of the matches given as walkovers on Wikipedia.

India N and S I think were guessed as being India North and India South, but the India S team was also mentioned in certain Indian media of the time as India Seniors. India N could thus be India Novices or something similar. The performances of both teams would certainly lead one to guess that India S was the stronger of the 2.

The 2 Indian sides were possibly necessary to make up the numbers after pre-tournament withdrawals.

Western Australia - I am not sure why they entered - possibly because it was easier and cheaper to select a State side who had been playing together than select a nationwide team in such a large country as Australia.

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Jul 11 14 7:49 PM

A similar situation occurred over the 1908 Men's Olympic Football Tournament, when France participated in the competition with two different squads.
I wouldn't exclude this peculiarity came about in other international competitions.

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