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Sep 18 14 3:17 PM

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Very much looking forward to the referendum activity today.  Voting continues throughout today (7am to 10pm), and the results will be known by 7am tomorrow morning (Friday).  I've believed in Scottish independence all my adult life, so for me, it's a very important day today (even though I can't vote, as I don't live in Scotland).  I'm not sure I'll get much sleep.  Hard to explain the feeling to people who are not from a minority within a larger country - but for me, it's an expression of my right to choose my own national identity rather than any anti-English feeling.  I hope the Scottish people make the right choice, and I hope there is no trouble or violence.  There is an opportunity to show the world how to conduct a proper and fair referendum - and I hope we don't spoil it.

In only 15 hours or so, the UK might shrink to 67% of its current size.
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Sep 18 14 6:50 PM

And a little further down the line, Scotland could end up 97% of its 'current size' ( They could end up with no barriers whatsoever to UEFA membership...

As for the vote, I think most of us here can kind of understand the minority stuff considering what this forum is about, just perhaps not 'lived' it. And the 'national identity' is what I'm hoping this is all about, I've seen and heard far too much of the 'anti-English'/'anti-Scottish' reasoning (cuts both ways admittedly), luckily the most disgraceful comments aren't of the most... intellectual standards. Whatever happens it should be... interesting.

And tomorrow after the results there comes a perfect opportunity for a moment of further celebration/back down to earth/cheering up/further depression... Scotland finds out whether it co-hosts Euro 2020...

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Sep 18 14 7:06 PM

Mark, I keep my fingers crossed!
Either victory or 300 more years of hope for a better life! (That's ‘positive thinking’ ... increased up to bullshit).
Mark, I wish you that your hopes be fulfilled!

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Sep 18 14 9:33 PM

Mark, I hope the majority will vote yes. I am confident Scotland can be e prosperous country like Norway. Imho Scotland will be better off as an independent nation instead of being part of the UK. I also believe smaller nations (also in population) are more dynamic because there are less administrative levels, which also implies more money will be used for what is should be used for. Supporting the country.

Yesterday I also read people from Yorkshire look with a keen eye one the elections in Scotland beacause many of them blame UK government has only an eye for the London region.

On the news at Dutch television it was told that even people who (will) live only shortly in Scotland (i.e.) students are also allowed to vote.

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Sep 22 14 6:09 PM

Keeping personal opinions aside, when a country is split 50/50 (or close) it is perhaps better to leave things as they are anyhow.
It always was going to be a "No" vote win. At no point did "Yes" look like leading in the polls.

As I was in the USA at the time, it was an interesting perspective.

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Sep 25 14 1:02 PM

I'm beginning to wish they hadn't held it. When you see certain people interviewed on TV and ascertain how simplistically they've came to their conclusions (even after having 2 years to think about it), and when you hear people after the vote saying they "regret" voting the way they did, it's evident that a good many people didn't really treat it seriously and voted for completely selfish/personal/random reasons. The media was stacked against a Yes vote from the beginning (I believe only one newspaper supported Yes), and even dumb people read newspapers (and are easily incited/persuaded thus). One of the intrinsic problems of a common vote is that many dumb people get to vote. Nothing against dumb people in general (by dumb I mean lacking in even the most general intelligence, not mute), but not sure they should be consulted on such important decisions as the entire future of a country.

Only time will tell if the decision made was the right one.

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Sep 25 14 1:19 PM

TheRoonBa wrote:
... it's evident that a good many people didn't really treat it seriously and voted for completely selfish/personal/random reasons.
... One of the intrinsic problems of a common vote is that many dumb people get to vote.
Ah democracy, a patently ridiculous idea.

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Sep 28 14 8:40 AM

Anyway, both Scotland and the UK gave a great sign of civilization. I mean: there were places where secessionist attempts caused massacres and bloodsheds, while here everything went smoothly.
Would things have gone smoothly even if "yes" had won? Who knows? I think so.

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Sep 28 14 7:21 PM

The bloodshed was a few hundred years ago. The momentum seems to come in cycles. Peaks and troughs. Perhaps one day the peak will be large enough.

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#11 [url]

Sep 28 14 9:58 PM

*Selfishly checking to ensure my blood will be safe if that day ever arrives*

Please? smiley: frown

Although until you get that Mel Gibson back on the frontlines I don't really see a bloodshed happening in the foreseeable future... smiley: wink 

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Sep 28 14 10:54 PM

Hehe, sorry I meant the momentum for independence (as a movement). It will go away for a while, and come back strong in a couple of generations. There will be another referendum when Mark is old enough to need his custard creams mashed up before being fed to him.

Hopefully by then we will not have to worry about such frivolous things as national borders. The Enlightenment will have changed all that.

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Oct 1 14 8:20 PM

I've just held a referendum in my house. I voted for independence. My girlfriend is at work so she abstained by default, and Mabel is a dog so is ineligible to vote (under the pre-Enlightenment rules).

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#16 [url]

Oct 1 14 11:18 PM

Are we to treat your house as a new country? Will you be applying to the NF Board to play in their new World Cup? (post-non-FIFA-enlightenment, all numbers of people are equal, so 1-a-side teams can play 11-a-side teams).

These are the burning questions.

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#17 [url]

Oct 2 14 12:23 AM

I intend to win the NFB tournament on the grounds that (a) I actually exist, and (b) in the unlikely event that there is any other entrant that actually exists, I will shoot from kickoff and then roll around on the floor for 89 minutes to waste time. Thus I either win 1-0 or draw 0-0. In the latter case I will rely on penalty shootouts to progress.

But I fear that my independence will last only a few hours however, as the abstaining population is likely to overthrow my regime in a military coup and restore my house to British sovereignty, with the former Emperor (as I style myself) detained under house arrest. If Mabel also turns against me I will be forced to seek asylum.

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#18 [url]

Oct 2 14 6:50 PM

No! As the self-appointed coach of your national team, I insist you go for it. Australia have held that record for too long...

But if everything you say pans out that way, then at least take solace in the fact you had your own country for those few hours. Better than nothing...

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#19 [url]

Oct 2 14 7:26 PM

Judging by those words, it appears the abstaining population did a bit of shopping for heavy weaponry while at work abstaining, unless the military coup will consist only of donning fatigues and shouting extremely loudly right in your face.  

However, if it's a serious military coup involving an armoured vehicle with rocket launchers, then perhaps you could quickly grab a catapult and some marbles, and use Mabel as a getaway vehicle.  You could then set up the "republic of one man and his dog in exile" (ROOMAHDIE) until suitable new territory can be annexed.

Last Edited By: TheRoonBa Oct 2 14 10:46 PM. Edited 1 time.

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#20 [url]

Oct 4 14 1:17 AM

Negotiations have stalled. The territory is currently under siege, and the Imperial Guard (aka Mabel) is holding the fort, at least until I run out of Schmackos.

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