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Oct 11 14 1:46 PM

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Amazing story - Trinidad & Tobago women's national team were sent to Gold Cup preparations in the USA with only $500 and no training gear or food (the tournament begins next week).  Their coach works for free, and he was forced to send out a Tweet for help to pay for meals for the players.  The Haiti team, which is also struggling, had raised $1,300 of its own to fund their preparations, but donated this to Trinidad & Tobago when they heard about their plight.

Despite this, the TTFA are saying that his plea for help was disrespectful!  What about sending a team of ladies to the US with only around $25 each?  That isn't disrespectful?  Seriously, some people need to get a grip.

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Apr 4 17 7:36 PM

So obviously not quite as dire a case as the original, but Ireland's women's team are planning a strike over apparently lengthy neglect that includes tracksuit-sharing with the youth teams and getting changed in public toilets. This block of text is the tip of the iceberg that showcases how better management and/or having a person in charge not named budget Jack Warner John Delaney might have solved such avoidable problems. Maybe the women's team's accounts can be balanced by some of that new money coming in?

In general, is this a good place to mention any cases of a national team or tournament (whether men's, women's, youth, variant, or whatever) getting less than an 'international-standard' treatment, or is it a topic worthy of a separate thread?

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