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Nov 27 14 11:53 PM

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After reading that a former official in Martinique football was called Max Battery, it occurs to me that we are missing an obvious topic here about amusing (or unfortunate) names of players and others connected with football.
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Nov 30 14 9:53 AM

Another bizarre aspect is when players are named after celebrities, but without respecting the exact transcription of the original names...

A very famous case is Pelé. He was named after Thomas Edison, but his official name is just Edson, without "i"...
Edinson Cavani, instead, adds "n"...
The 2009/10 Champions League winner Maicon is named after the actor Michael Douglas...
Radamel Falcao is named after Paulo Roberto Falcão, but then his correct name should have been Falcão, not Falcao...
The Dutch winger Eljero Elia takes his name from the singer Al Jarreau...
I'm also sure once I met a Brazilian called Mattheus, surely after Lothar Matthäus...
I bet there are also some Brazilian players nicknamed Platiní with the final accent...

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Dec 2 14 1:57 AM

Luca wrote:

I'm also sure once I met a Brazilian called Mattheus, surely after Lothar Matthäus...

That "Mattheus" (really after Matthäus) is Bebeto's son and, by coincidence, he was the baby that his father tributed in the famous commemoration of the goal against Netherlands in USA 1994. He hasn't inherited Bebeto's football genes, though.

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Dec 2 14 2:14 AM

Maykho Jhordan (Michael Jordan), Rudigullithi (Ruud Gullit), Van Basty (van Basten), Raikard (Rijkaard)... It's hard to decide if either Brazilian football player's parents have so much difficulties with Dutch players' names or football players with Dutch misspelt names have more chances than average misspelt names.

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Dec 2 14 12:31 PM

Also Rommel Fernandez (Panama) and Goebbels Cadet (Haiti)

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Dec 2 14 10:40 PM

If nicknames are allowed, then Africa is a wonderful treasure trove of joy.

Just from Swaziland in 1977 alone:
John 'Chain puller' Mkhatshwa
Gebi 'Man o Man' Zwane
Johannes '4 man power' Dlamini
Timothy 'Walk tall' Magagula

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Dec 4 14 12:04 AM

From the "Times of Swaziland", 11 July 1978:

Swaziland national coach Mr John Rainbow was non-committal about the condition of his team and whether it will be able to play well in such weather.

smiley: roll

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