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Dec 5 14 7:49 PM

Dick is a common first name in Holland. Dick van Dijk scored the opening goal in the 1971 European Champions Cup final and Dick Schoenaker was member of the Dutch 1978 vice Worldchampions squad.

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Dec 7 14 2:45 AM

Some players from Swaziland's lineup 6/7/93:
Agrippa 'S'gidi' Dlamini, Sifiso 'Barnes' Mkhulisi, Wicky 'Saddam' Marks, Thulani 'Mau Mau' Dlamini, Bright 'Maradona' Zondo,
Mduduzi '16 Valve' Mtsetfwa, Eric 'Rounder' Mpanza

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Dec 14 14 9:56 AM

The only White House tenant I've found is Kennedy Mweene, winner of the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations with Zambia. As to bin Laden, a couple of Saudi players appearing at USA '94 were almost identical to him...!

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Jan 8 15 10:13 AM

Equatorial Guinea fields a guy called Dio.
"Dio" in Italian means "God": he is surely a divine footballer...

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Feb 21 15 4:35 PM

Luca wrote:
Wow, so we have Goebbels, Saddam, Stalin and Rommel. Now we just need bin Laden and Totò Riina and our team is complete. sSc_eek3.gif

There was a Saddam Hussein playing for Yemen U22s in 2013.

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Mar 14 15 10:56 AM

Fast Midfielder wrote:
From Swaziland I expected more a player named Eddie Murphy. Never saw so many Eddy Murphy look-a-likes (including Eddy Murphy smiles) when I visited that country in 1999.
According to U.S. Soccer Federation 2014 Men’s National Team Media Guide, Eddie Murphy was a player of the US MNT, scoring in the Olympic qualifier against Mexico in 1959. (Note: according to, Bill Looby scored). On Wikipedia his first  name is spelled Ed.


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Mar 14 15 4:13 PM

They both have highlands and lowlands.

Also (and I only know this from reading Swazi newspapers), Princess Alexandra and her Scottish husband Angus Ogilvy visited Swaziland on several occasions in the 1960s, including the independence celebrations, so they would have watched the annual football matches around that period.

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Mar 28 15 10:11 PM

Guadeloupe making their beach soccer debut tonight - one of their goalscorers against Trinidad & Tobago was Sebastien Hell.

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