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Jan 30 15 11:11 PM

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The national team of Congo-Kinshasa/Zaire played three friendlies versus Dutch and Belgian club teams late 1971.

On 26 October 1971 they lost 2-1 to FC Groningen.
Goals: Laks and Schipper for Groningen, Saidi for Les Léopards

On 28 October 1971 they drew 3-3 versus Cambuur.
Goals: De Jonge and Zuidema (2) for Cambuur, Kapata (3) for Les Léopards

On 9 November 1971 they lost 9-1 to Club Brugge.
Goals: Thio (3), Carteus, De Mey, De Naegel, Nieuwenburghs, Rijnders and Veenstra for Club, Kakoko for Les Léopards (just before the end).

I'm not sure the players knew they were representing Congo(-Kinshasa) in the first match but represented Zaire two days later... The name of the country was changed on 27 October 1971, so in between these two mathces.


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Feb 1 15 6:36 PM

According to "France Football", Zaire also played Antwerp (losing 1-0).
The 9-1 match was reported as "FC Brugeois, (vice champion) when it was very cold"

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