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Mar 1 15 2:39 PM

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Sorry if this subject has been already discussed.
My question is: from the Paraguay NT played Andalusia XI in a friendly Match in 1965.
I doubt it was the National Team; most probably a minor or a Club Team.
No information available on the web.
Does somebody know?

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Mar 1 15 3:34 PM

Checking it out, El Mundo Deportivo (5 May 1965) suggests that the Golden Jubilee match of the Federacion Andaluza was planned to be vs Paraguay but they were replaced by Beerschot because the Paraguay tour of Europe was in doubt.

So there was no match vs Paraguay after all, and the Jubillee match was:
7th May 1965, Sevilla, Andalucia 2-2 Royal Beerschot (Antwerp)
Halftime 0-1
Goals: Cabrera x2 / Bayers, Van Hess
Lineups given in El Mundo Deportivo (8 May 1965, page 4)

Real Madrid also played Beerschot a few days later (winning 5-0) after they also couldn't arrange a fixture with Paraguay.

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Mar 1 15 4:18 PM

BTW, I assume you are working on a list of Andalucia matches, so I add what I have in addition/correction to the Wikipedia link.

One match I wrote on the Unofficial Hungary matches topic:
25-1-1925, Sevilla,  Selección Andalucía 0-0 Hungary (labelled as Budapest)
The lineups as reported in Madrid newspapers:
Andalucía: Avilés; Sedeño, Herminio, Ramoncito (Caballero), Ocaña, Gabriel; Roldán, Spencer, Rey, 'Kinké', Brand.
[all players of Sevilla FC except Ramoncito of Real Betis]
Hungary: Zsak (33FC); Fogl II, Fogl III (UTE); Nadler (MTK), Kleber (MTK), Blum (FTC); Remay (NSC), Takacs (Vasas), Kautzky (Forrekoss), Kohut (FTC) (Spitz (MTK)), Jeny (MTK).
Referee: Putz (Belgium)
Note, of the Hungary lineup, all except Nadler and Jeny played 1 week earlier vs Italy in an official international match.

The Hungarian view of the match might be found here:
Though at the moment the website is down.

Perhaps there were other matches involving an Andalucia "selección", you could try these resources for newspapers:


>  18/12/74 Andalucia 4-3 "Romania"
It was Romania Under-23.
Lineup (from EMD): Barthori, Sandu, Dobrau, Lucuta, Dumitriu, Boloni, Atodiresci, Multescu, Ruznai, Balaci, Crisan.

> 17/5/01 Andalucia 3-1 "Iraq"
It was Andalucia "B" vs  Iraq's youth team.


> 27/12/06 Andalucia 3-1 Israel+Palestine

I personally am not sure whether the opposition was a really representative team of those two countries, or an invitational team.

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Mar 2 15 8:48 AM

Thanks again, Neil, for your comments. Yes, you are right. But I'm not working only on Andalucia. I'm looking at all Spain's autonomous region's matches.
Any information I can get about this subject is welcome.
To whom  are interested, I can say that:
.Basque Country/Euzkady list has been already sent to Karel
.Catalonia list (about two hundred matches) is under final revision. 

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Mar 2 15 12:30 PM

That's good, it will be a very nice work. Personally I collected only those matches where the opponent was another national team of a country, so I did not keep all the matches of Spanish regions vs clubs or vs each other. Mark did collect such matches and published them on this forum somewhere, I assume you have seen those topics already.

Elsewhere on the forum I think we discussed the games of Catalonia vs France in 1912.

I just add these two that I found on a list of San Lorenzo international games:
Canary Islands 4-2 San Lorenzo
Catalonia 1-2 San Lorenzo

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Mar 2 15 5:59 PM

Just in advance, before sending to Karel the long List of Catalonia's Matches:
Catalonia - San Lorenzo 2-1 (not 1-2), played in Barcelona (Les Corts) on 23 February 1950.
Catalonia Team was (first and last time) a combo  Catalonia//Comunidad Valenciana.
My Source is book (written in Catalan language) "Història de totes les seleccions esportives catalanes 1904-2005".

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Mar 2 15 11:37 PM

Ah, then the San Lorenzo list was simply wrong in at least one place. Anyway, EMD tells me that a Canary Islands team did indeed win 4-2 vs San Lorenzo on 10 January 1950, but it mentions that it was a selection of Canary Islands players who were playing at clubs on the mainland. The match was in Madrid. So I don't know if that counts as a real representative team of the islands, as local players were excluded.

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