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Mar 13 15 5:46 PM

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After Chelsea being eliminated following a pretty poor performance against 10-man PSG in the Champions League this week (but it mainly came to mind after Arsenal's even worse display against AS Monaco), what are your suggestions for the worst team performance of all-time in a single game of football?
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Mar 13 15 9:42 PM

Brazil vs Germany 2014. Though that may have been mostly David Luiz's fault.
England vs Germany 2010. Despite that England managed two goals (albeit one was not given), the team performance consisted of aimless hoofs bypassing the midfield, as demonstrated in the video on the hoofs thread.

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Mar 14 15 2:57 PM

nfm24 wrote:
England vs Germany 2010.
There was a reason I made this thread in the club section smiley: frown...

England were the second-best team that day (far more proud of England's performance in 2014, which took a lot more flak for some reason), but I am in the camp that thinks there could have been a bit of a 'what if' with that disallowed goal. 'Momentum' gets talked about probably too much in the UK, but there's no denying that British teams are masters of riding it even when playing badly, so many times I've seen a British team score then score shortly after (or at least threaten to), doesn't seem to happen much the other way around. Even Ellan Vannin have done it.

To get the ball rolling on club suggestions, an easy start: AC Milan 4-0 Barcelona, 1994. Barcelona were favourites going into the game...

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Mar 15 15 2:54 PM

I was talking about the World Cup, but the Euro Qualifiers are going well right now...

Manchester United 0-3 Liverpool was clearly one side being far superior to the other smiley: wink. Joking aside, most of Manchester United's performances this season have been poor compared with their reputation, so many of their winning goals seem to be by fluke, respect to them for making the most of their chances but how they're currently 4th in the Premier League is incredible.

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Mar 15 15 5:54 PM

Were England in the World Cup? Must have missed that... (Puts up defences in anticipation of withering "Scotland never qualifies for anything" comments).

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Mar 16 15 12:35 PM

Not being English, I'm not sure what in 2014 there was to be proud of, but I agree it was a minor improvement to 2010. Still pretty toothless though, for such a football-rich country. And still downhill from the much maligned Sven. They weren't outright bad at any point, just lethargic and excitement-free. They also seemed to lack that traditional quality of determination, which was normally celebrated in England above such trivialities as skill and technique. Game against Uruguay was clear, one side wanted it more. Other two games - both sides were fairly poor. England had no clue how to deal with Pirlo despite having 2 years to think about it. Blame conditions, or something else I guess.

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Mar 16 15 10:07 PM

I'd say proud comparatively, it was more a case of the team carrying themselves better and not having some arrogant press demand of winning the entire tournament hanging over them (yet reaction afterwards in the media was somehow worse, funny that...), and as a result was probably more fun to watch. 2010 was almost a misery to sit through at times... 2014 had many 'what if' moments during the matches and I never doubted at any point that England could get back into a game, even if it didn't eventually happen smiley: ohwell.

And probably forgotten a bit by some people, but England did get results at Euro 2012 inbetween. Spain the only other undefeated team in that tournament...

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Mar 16 15 10:39 PM

Hmm, in 2014 expectations were low but still disappointing (media). Notwithstanding your faithful optimism, I saw nothing remotely inspiring or even interesting from the England team or camp. They were just stodgily making up the numbers, much like Honduras or Iran. Boring and limited, hoping for a 1-0. Compare to the style and excitement displayed by the Latin American teams. Of course, it's easier in a home tournament but still. I expected England to play more like the USA did. 2010 was dismal by any measure. 2012 was indeed an improvement, though still pretty bog standard 4-4-2 hoofage. 2008, er well. 2006 Sven. Downhill since. Bring back Hoddle/Venables/Winterbottom I'd say, if I was English and cared. Instead I say keep Roy or bring back Shteve. It depends what the actual ambitions are. Greg Dyke says to win the World Cup by 20xx, where xx is always about 8-12 years in the future. Reminds me of Japan's 2050 statement.

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Mar 18 15 9:52 AM

I wouldn't be too hard on Chelsea's performance. OK, they were disappointing (particularly in a couple of elements), but they faced a very good opponent and there also was a clear penalty on Diego Costa in the first half.
I've seen a lot of worse performances:

Bayern Munich-Barcelona 4-0 (2012/13 Champions League). Barcelona were awful: they looked like 11 phantoms.
Borussia Dortmund-Real Madrid 2-0 (2013/14 Champions League). Real Madrid's performance was indecorous.

Deportivo La Coruña-AC Milan 4-0 (2003/04 Champions League). AC Milan were the reigning European champions. They won the first leg 4-1, but in the second leg they just collapsed.

But the awful performances I've mentioned above depended also on the great deserts of the opponents.

As to the National teams, I think the award for the worst performance ever goes to Argentina in Cameroon-Argentina 1-0 (1990 World Cup). All the reports were extremely hard on the South Americans. Cameroon scored the decisive goal in 10 vs. 11 and in the last minutes they were even 9 vs. 11.

Last Edited By: Luca Mar 18 15 10:41 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Mar 19 15 9:03 PM

Luca wrote:
But the awful performances I've mentioned above depended also on the great deserts of the opponents.
Europe doesn't really have many of those, or did you mean that the winning teams all got ice cream afterwards smiley: wink? PSG never needed their reported €200k+ per player bonus against Chelsea then...

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#11 [url]

Mar 20 15 1:25 AM

> €200k+ bonus

David Luiz is worth every penny (or cent, rather). Where else can you find a dog's brain in a humanoid body? Besides, 200k Euros is only about 150k pounds, so they wouldn't even be able to afford a Lamborghini for their troubles. Paupers.

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#12 [url]

Mar 20 15 7:52 AM

Bear in mind this is on top of their regular wages, so if anything it will just fill their 'Lambo pots' a little faster than usual.

Besides, I probably overlooked the fact that £150k will buy you your own ice cream. All of the ice cream.

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Apr 27 15 9:58 PM

Saw this story today, more specifically a footnote pointing out the team lost a game 39-0 this season. Ignoring the controversial record-setter, is it the new second place ahead of this old score, or have there been other bigger wins that the history books deem unworthy due to league status?

Just noticed one from Romania (41-0) in the Arbroath article, but it isn't 'considered' there due to 'non-professional' status, so question still stands.

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#18 [url]

Apr 27 15 11:05 PM

What history books?

There was the Nigerian incident a couple of years ago, teams won 70-0 on the last day or something.
I'm sure I read somewhere of a match in Yugoslavia with a score something like 117-0. And a similar score in India. Late 1980s or early 90s I think.

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#20 [url]

Apr 28 15 3:52 PM

Many of the matches were not 'real' (i.e. one of the teams did not play but just let the other team score). I don't think these should be counted (the 149-0 being an example). If you put a pub team against Brazil, and both teams tried their best - the score would probably not be as high as 149-0.

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