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Jun 10 07 12:00 AM

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the night of the bold and the beautiful

since ever football didn't stop surprising us with games that entred legend,and i think it's not easy those days to find i game full of
drama in the way of hitchkock and full......of irony. Maybe,you're asking why i did choose this title for the game beetween LIVERPOOL AND AC MILAN in the 2005 champions league final....well because i
think that this kind of game will not be reapeted for the next 50 years.....

The game was in the ataturk stadium in istanbul,the big and new stadium ,the stadium that turkish people do not prefer because
it's too far from the ground...anyway AC MILAN was the former champion in old trafford and was clearly stronger than LIVERPOOL
who has youth talented players like gerrard and riise,the stadium was full,70000 spectators took their places in the great stadium
but no one did excpect to see a game like that,even me i excpect it a normal final game,a routine match as usual where
LIVERPOOL AND MILAN will play the defence and wait the penalties...

it's 9:45 pm local time and the game began,the price was big....the pressure was bigger and as usual we attended the game
with all our hearts and hoping to see a real football game...and our wishes became true since the first minute maybe earlier
a long pass and a very good header from .....Maldini and the first goal for Milan...Liverpool didn't understand how they
get a goal in 45 seconds....they were ghosts in that first half, they were just defending and fearing the great and the giant
Milan,italians were attacking with no fear they were playing great football and Milan fans were over the moon especially after
the second goal by the goals hunter crespo,2/0 for the italians who were more determined than the Reds, gerrard didn't find
the solution,dudek was helpless against the multiple attacks of italians, managed of course by Kaka Seedorf and Crespo who made
Liverpool's wounds worse in the 43 minutes ,after being face to face with the reds goalkeeper Dudek who didn't manage to save his
goal from the third goal and the second by the argentinian....3/0,clearly italians were playing against nothing,Dida had A 45 MINUTES'
rest, with clearly no dangerous try,and clearly they finished the game before the finish....on the seats,Italian fans were
preparing theirselves to celebrate , and reds fans were surprised,sad ,and preparing to return home.and as for me i was very disappointed
to see a game ending so fast but still there some hope and like we say here" the ball goes around and around"...

the second half, was so fast too, Liverpool didn't accept to end the game without fighting,after all it's the football...
italian fans were singing and enjoying their win....but the ball this did choose Gerrard this time, who managed to put a powerful
header oN the left of the net and score the first goal for the reds..this time every one thought that Liverpool will comeback,this time Milan was
the Bold and Liverpool was the beautiful,gerrard found solutions this time,and fans found thier soles again,after two minutes
smicer fired a very nice shot from the 20 yars and scored the second goal for Liverpool,the speaker didn't beleive it ....
and the reds we're believing in thier chances until the last minutes,Liverpool were attacking and wanted the third goal..
Gerrard was awesome,Carragher,Smicer,Xavi alonso were fighting against a very tough italian defence (with nesta and maldini)
but in the minute Liverpool attack did manage to fool the italian defence and...It's a penalty !!!!!my god Liverpool succeded
to return in 25 was really hard,it was the hell for miland the paradise maybe for Liverpool....Xavi alonso took the responsability
to shoot the penalty...for me it wasn't was a treasureif they score it they will win the cup if he miss it they will
loose without a were captivated by the game and everyone putted his hand on his heart,this game could win the oscars
for all the shiver and the drama ,the action the horror and the love of fans the art of every single player or actor on this
very strange play,Alonso shooted the penalty,but Dida was present but...the ball was still on the 6 yards.Alonso fired this time
a stronger shot on the right of Dida....and 3/3 !!!! the great comeback,the script that no one didn't except,Ancelloti this time
didn't understand anything...maybe he thought that he won before the finish was a draw and both teams were exhausted was simply stunning to see a game like that full of unexpected developments...the refree wisled the end of the regular was clear that Milan AC players were schoked and didn't manage to controle the game and to conserve the score...
Chevchenko was clearly out of the game after missing a very very clear goal against the brave was for sure that the
cup will be decided by the penalities,but still there were some oppurtunities for both camps but without a results...

the 120 minutes ended with a very unexcpected 3/3 and the players were laying down like dead people...maybe it was the best champions
league final ever....maybe it will the new century game....,anyway,football has a very long story with penalties,and as we know
big players did failed this test,now the ball will choose its camp,Liverpool missed one ,and Pirlo missed his penalty,it was
Cheva's turn but.....missed his penalty and the game ended....

Liverpool won,what a game,what a team!!! Reds fans were over the moon and some people didn't believe that their team won..
It was crazy,we saw two faces this game,Liverpool the bold and of course at the end Liverpool the beautiufl,such a game...
Maybe Hitchckok will laugh and say:" HEY !!!!THAT'S MY STORY" well i will say that's football, with all its meanings with its
shiver,with all the passion of the will stay for sure an unoforgettable game , it will be a shining line in the
several lines of football history.....

by Ali Sfar

"....And the smarter ones beetween us, are those who find out about their social stupidity earlier...." Abd daim !!!!

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Nov 3 12 12:05 PM

Luca wrote:
One of the happiest moments in my sportslife.
Note: I'm an INTER fan image

Brings up an interesting point that I was discussing with other people a while back about supporting clubs from your own nation in continental competition.

They claimed that they support all English clubs in the European competition through thick and thin (e.g. an 'us against them' approach), and while I agree in principle (especially for teams such as Fulham or Stoke City), as a Liverpool fan (also love the original post ), I am not exactly going to lend my full blind support to the likes of Manchester United or Chelsea.

This less extreme than how Luca describes it, but whenever those teams play in the Champions League, 'patriotic' support (there is at least league co-efficients on the line) and not wanting rivals to win kind of evens out into me not caring what the result is either way. This doesn't mean I'm cheering for them to lose, but I'm not screaming at the TV for them to win either (not much of a screamer anyway :wink.

However, admitting this attitude of wanting to watch some games as a neutral got me told that I was being 'unpatriotic' (ironic considering that I seem to have much more interest in the national team than them at times) for not giving 100% support to a team who a few days before may have handed Liverpool a defeat. The people telling me this were West Ham fans, though, so the circumstances may not have been comparable.

The 'us against them' thing (which can now sometimes extend to 'our Brazilian is better than your Brazilian') just seems to be over-used if put in a club context, and from what I heard, most people in Germany were wanting Bayern Munich ('FC Hollywood') to lose last season's final (it would be interesting to get a second opinion on this). All fans from the same country uniting to cheer on one team - isn't that what international football is supposed to be for...

Football Revolution...

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#3 [url]

Nov 4 12 9:44 AM

Well... I think that a sound and good rivalry, with teases, jokes and so on, is one of the best things for football. Note: when Liverpool defeated AC Milan in 2005, I admit I wasn't too sad, but I am also sure that in 2010, when Inter played the Champions League final, all the AC Milan fans supported Bayern Munich drinking beer and eating w├╝rstel und krauten

I remember a funny episode from Argentina. In 2001, Boca Juniors lost the Intercontinental Cup against Bayern. The following Sunday, thousands of River Plate supporters showed up at the stadium wearing Samuel Kuffour's shirt. I'm not joking: that's the truth!!

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